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Sistems Analyst and programmer

Luiz Eduardo Silva , London, United Kingdom


25 - 40 years

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System Analyst and developer


Cobol IBM mainframe Mainframe Adabas Database modeling + 15 more

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High level of commitment to my work, always aiming to achieve the goals that I consider fundamental, they are quality,
costs and deadlines. Nothing makes me happier in my work environment when I know these 3 pillars have been addressed.
My professional profile is very rooted in my person, as I really am, in my personal characteristics. I am dynamic,
enterprising, I am always willing to learn new methods of working with high productivity. I am very communicative and
always willing to overcome adversity. I work well in teams and I really enjoy interacting with the various teams in the
company. I keep my focus on my goals, but I always find time to meet several people who work for the same company and
our clients.
Working on a project I listen carefully to the requirements of the client and the rest of the team. I participate by contributing
good ideas to get a high quality and product, but always within feasible things, because sometimes the desirable is not the
feasible and a good systems analyst has to know the boundaries between the desirable and the feasible.
Although I often listen to the opinion of team members, I am very clear when I believe the solution I have is very good and
I strive to apply what my creative mind has managed to work out to solve the problem.


United Kingdom


Financial services Consumer Commerce (Shops & Trade)



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  Full time contractor


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