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Charles H. Joslain

Charles H. Joslain , London, United Kingdom


10 - 14 years

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Creative Director/3D Animator/Motion Graphics Designer video editor


Motion graphics Video editing Creative direction B2B Data management + 6 more

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My unusual profile started with growing up in Paris, France before studying Film & Video in the South West of London, UK.

Since 2006, I went on from working an entry-level position at DedoWeigert Film GmbH (Munich) to moving quickly towards the world of post-production as a Video Editor/3D & Motion Graphics Designer, and finally thriving as a Creative Director.

My work as ranged from conceiving and/or directing adverts for notable brands (Unicef, Danone, Barclays, etc...), to music promos, corporate videos and a variety of digital-related websites/applications.

Based in London, I was involved in the Vimeo-commissioned TV project via the Everest-located documentary project 'Between Snow & Star' (co-directed/edited with Tom Vaillant).
I also oversaw throughout 2014 the re-branding and launch of new products from the cosmetics brand Alfresco - Beauty Without Bites.
During that same period and leading into 2015, I helped develop the creative studio branch of Vanderquest Ltd.
After a short stint with Animated Storyboards I worked as Post-Production Expert for The Crewing Company in 2015 & 2016.

I resettled in Los Angeles then and became Head of Post & Senior Writer for Vi Trainer between 2017-2019.

As of late 2019, back in London UK, I am the Creative Director for VFX LA and have oversight of the team of skilled 3D/CG artists and the entire creative aspect of all the projects managed through our pipeline.

You can view my work on: http://*********.***


United States
United Kingdom

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Finance & economy Telecommunication Pharmaceutical Banking Sporting Goods + 2 more



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My experience

2019 - 2019   job
Writer/Video Editor Marzipan Productions.
Complete oversight of Writing + Post-Production for a 15-min short narrative 'proof-of-concept' dealing with the difficult topic of anorexia.
Writing, Video, Video Editor, Production

2019 - 2019   freelance
Creative Director/Video Editor/Motion Graphics Designer Credit List.
'Lures' (June 2019 - USA)
Vitamin-T, FishLab
Creative Director/Video Editor/Motion Graphics Designer
Complete oversight of Production + Post-Production for a 50-sec social media & local TV commercial, promoting the engineering and durability of fishing lures.
Social Media, Motion graphics, Video, Content, Video Editor, Engineering, TV, Online, Production, USA, Social

2019 - 2019   job
LifeBeam, Vi Trainer GooglePlay.
Video Editor/3D Animator/Motion Graphics Designer
In charge of brainstorm + execution of design & animation style for a 30-sec Google Store video, introducing the new
updated Vi Trainer app to existing as well as new costumers.
Design, Animation, Motion graphics, Video, Video Editor, 3D, Animator, Google, App

My education

2002 - 2006
University for the Creative Arts
Batchelor with Honors, Film & Video

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Private job post
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