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Senior Software Developer

Michael Lowe , GLENROTHES, United Kingdom


5 - 9 years


Software development Software Architecture C# Sql Mysql + 8 more

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"Once more into the fray"

A skilled and passionate software developer with a fondness for developing robust solutions.
I have been very fortunate to be part of an ever-growing team that has allowed me to fully develop my knowledge and skills from the initial design to full development and release of a product. Enjoying being part of a team to fully realize a product has given me the ability to realize my own skills and the skills of those around me in order to produce the best product possible.

My skills set has diversified from OSX and iOS with experience in many other areas that include c#, python, bash, PHP, and Linux development. With my skill set and an ever-growing desire to learn more I provide continued dedication and commitment to my work, working towards a good and realistic schedule that I have proven in my professional career.


United Kingdom



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