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Michal Nawrocki , Maidenhead, United Kingdom


10 - 14 years

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Highly motivated Senior Developer with very good IT architecture knowledge over 13 years experience in development sector. Passionate in Agile Environment, good team worker and leader in many projects.

• Building a team of 30 developers and improve good patterns in Agile.
• Building a continues deployment infrastructure for big data project (Cloudera, NiFi, Ansible scripts).
• Building a spring boot application (Betting industry) using REST/Groovy/MYSQL
• Building architecture for http://******.** project based on PHP, Wordpress, Java Spring.
• Migrating continues delivery infrastructure from sh scripts to docker in Rated People.
• Building architecture for “Price Repository” based on PHP, ActiveMQ, Spring MVC, Hibernate. Creating release process for test, stage, live environments.
• Building 3 people team for Ecube and developing Agile Methodology and the best practices in project.
• Be a part of devOps team responsible for re-create release process (100 Jenkins jobs).
• Estimating and delivering on time many projects in Waterfall methodology for DB Schenker, Medicover and many others companies in Poland.
• Developing Intranet application (Portal Architecture) to register time cards and time scheduling for medical company. As a consultant I was responsible for keeping an eye on U/I. In development team I was a lead developer in this project.
• Designing and building registry system for delegations (Portal Architecture) and preparing training for 40 department directors. Application is used in 66 divisions.
• Creating the product website (Cowboy Architecture) about 1000 electronics products. Focused on SEO and Web Usability.
• Be a part of the team responsible for choosing CRM and ERP system for production factory (150 employee). I was responsible for technical part of election reporting to CEO.
• Be a private tutor for helping students to pass Java exams.



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