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Freelance Developer, Solution Architect, Technical Lead

Sukhanth Gande , Leamington spa, United Kingdom


10 - 14 years

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Solution Architect(current) Technical Architect Team Lead Technical Lead Developer + 1 more


CVS Rup Team Lead Vss Database modeling + 11 more

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◦ Self-organized individual with around 12 years of experience in IT, of which 6 years is in developing different web based applications using Java/J2EE and 2+ years as Team Lead, 3+ years as Solution architect. ◦ Technical consultant, Understanding the requirements and preparing various solution/design options along with time and cost. ◦ Preparing and reviewing the design by considering various aspects including Security, Data management, Integration, Maintenance, Scalability for multi-tiered software applications. ◦ Facilitating meetings/workshops with Business owners, Business Analysts , vendors, stakeholders in understating the requirements, discussing the design approaches and technology selection ◦ Preparing High level and low level design documents, which are understandable by Development teams and ensuring the Development team to follow the design and specifications. ◦ Thorough understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle, worked on software in all the phases including System Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Integration and Unit Testing, Testing, Deployment. ◦ Have good exposure to Java 7, J2EE, EJB 3.0, Hibernate, spring, Struts, Java Script, JSP, JSF, AJAX, Flex, and Web Services (APIs). ◦ Understanding of the latest technologies, Web frameworks, Cloud (Azure, GCP), Server less architecture. ◦ Extensive working experience in agile projects from the past 9 years


United Kingdom

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