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Java Microservices developer with Spring Boot

Ken Grierson , Glasgow, United Kingdom


25 - 40 years

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Java developer on PASS Java microservice developer on B Java Development Specialist on DataPortal project Spring MVC Portlet developer on NHS project


Mysql Oracle Sql Java Software development + 4 more

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I am a Java development specialist working as an IT consultant since 1992 and exclusively in Enterprise Java applications since 1999. Prior to moving to Java, I wrote 'C' language programs for Oracle RDBMS.

I have served a wide range of clients in merchant and retail banking, media and the public sector.

I have strong experience in Spring Boot, database programming and in multi-threading applications.

My most recent roles have been in micro-services development but I also have experience of building web apps using jsp, facelets and jQuery javascript framework.

I have been working in Agile environments for a number of years but my favourite development process is 'just getting on with it'.


United Kingdom



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  Smaller project
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Typically available three months ahead

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