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Simon Hackett , Oxford, United Kingdom


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Medical Educator medical tutor Medical Writer Medical Writer and Sales Support


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2016 - ?   job
medical tutor Medicine.
Parks Rd, education to 16-18 year old students at a summer school in Oxford. Here, I designed the
Oxford, OX1 3PG, United Kingdom medical course for the summer school, which was re-rolled out in 2016. I now work with
Oxford Summer Courses as a medical tutor, delivering high quality medical education to students over the summer period.

2016 - ?   freelance
Freelance Medical Writing Consultant Simon Hackett Consulting Ltd.
For the past four years, I have been acting fully independently as a freelance consultant for
a variety of high-profile medical writing and pharmaceutical companies at the grade of Principle Medical Writer. This has involved liaising with clients and composing
manuscripts, posters and slide decks for peer-reviewed journals and major international
conferences. For the majority of my contracts, I have worked full-time. My work has been
presented at international symposia, as well as being published in high impact journals such as Lancet Oncology, BMJ and European Heart Journal. I have expertise in gene therapy,
rare diseases, oncology, hepatology, haematology, immunology and regenerative medicine.
Previous projects have included:
• Development of medical educational materials for in-house sales representatives
Simon in the form of e-learning modules, slide decks and interactive quizzes
• Attending international symposia and supporting onsite delivery
• Development of manuscripts from primary data
Hackett • Analysis of advisory board discussions and outcomes
• Production of high quality slide decks for KOLs at international congresses
Doctor, lecturer, college Sub-
• Aiding launch of new products and creation of events material
Dean and freelance medical • Onsite coordination of symposia
Writing, Contracts, E-learning, Sales, Pharmaceutical, Advisory board, Development, International, Production, Contracts

2015 - ?   job
Medical Educator [email protected].
I previously worked with Oxford Royale Academy, helping deliver high quality medical

My education

2013 - 2017

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