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Highly experienced software engineer for back-end services and app development

Gary Kennedy , SANDBACH, United Kingdom


15 - 24 years

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Remote Worker - Backend APIs and Mobile App Development


Python Django AWS Docker Java + 13 more

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United Kingdom

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2012 - ?   job
Remote Worker - Backend APIs and Mobile App Development Secure.
Messaging App and Server (Django AWS, Android - Kotlin/Java, iOS - Swift 5.1)
• Produced a secure messaging app (RSA asymmetric and AES256 symmetric encryption).
• AWS installation via Docker (via AWS CLI).
• API includes User authentication, social login, messaging history.
• Firebase push notifications and analytics.
• Secure attachment uploads to S3. SSL/TLS.
• Database via Core Data.
• Chat UI similar to WhatsApp with AutoLayout, text grouping, seen status feedback. Uses
server API and Firebase.

Java Application (PC/Mac)
• An application to enable a user to export specific data to a commercial hardware device.
• Using Javafx/fxml. Java 8/9.
• Multiple views, tables, tabs, popups, custom views.
• Supporting Copy and Paste, Drag Drop, Save/Load, Import/Export.
• Custom canvas drawing.
• All Screen sizes supported via custom scaling method.

Pioneer Clinical Meetings (Android - Kotlin/Java)
• Provides instant access to event details, live updates from organizers and more.
• As an attendee, you can access event schedule, view speaker's profiles and interact with attendees.
• Get latest alerts and updates from the event organizers, connect with other attendees before
and after the event, share your thoughts with other attendees.
• Ruby on the Rails backend.

Globe Map View (Django AWS, Android - Java)
• Map Locations are downloaded via REST/JSON.
• Points of interest shown on a Globe using OpenGL ES 2.0 with added kinetic scrolling.
• Includes detail views, user locations and Google Maps view.
• Implemented server APIs and CMS for adding locations.

Full Service App (Django AWS, Android - Java, iOS - Swift 3 / 4)
• Full design and development of a Material Design based Android app.
• Featuring dynamic downloadable content via JSON and location based services.
• News Feed, Map views, Articles, Reviews, User feedback.
• Basic expert system.
• I created the backend WebService using Django on AWS EC2 with RDS PostgresSQL
database and S3 for static storage, SES for email authentication and GCM for app messaging.
• Implemented user payments using a credit system on the server and app and using a
bespoke third party payment solution for storing card details.
• Using a Python script (based on Fabric) it automatically creates an Ubuntu server EC2
instance (or uses an existing), pulls the new code down from BitBucket and deploys on EC2
using Nginx and Gunicorn.

Video Player App (Django, Android- Java)
• Architectural design of the system for app and server.
• User can download or stream videos.
• Produced an extensive API specification.
• Custom subtitles with multiple languages and ability to set screen position using SRT format.
• In app purchase of videos.

Product Selector App (Django AWS, Angular)
• Secure Django based backend API for Angular app
• Dynamic content
• Secure Payment via Stripe
• Admin CMS

Data Import Tool (Django AWS)
• Import and parse xlsx spreadsheet, convert custom data into JSON for db.
• Supporting multiple formats with large data sets.
• Automatic corrections made for errors.
• Missing information highlighted to the user.
• React Frontend

App Modules for a PS4 game companion app (Android - Java & iOS - Objective C)
• Extensive UI components for both Android and iOS using OpenGL rendering for faster bitmap
• Designed to mimic the various PS4 3D game modules in the mobile app.
• Supporting different screen sizes both phone and tablet.

Sales App (Django AWS, Android- Java, Web)
• 1000s of users.
• User Forum: With image and video attachments.
• Messaging: Contacts, one to one, one to many.
• News Feed: Text, images and video.
• Input sales and stock online/offline sync with the server.
• App APIs using REST and JSON.
• Web front end HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Django Templates, Bootstrap.
• Django management functions activated via Cron.
• File uploads to Amazon S3.
• CMS to upload and parse xlsx data and populate the database.

Insurance Claim apps x 4 - For a major insurance company (Android- Java, iOS - Objective C)
• Various UI modifications and bug fixing.

NHS patient communication app (Android- Java, AWS, iOS - Objective C & Backend - Java)
• Developed secure communication framework for NHS iPad application, using iOS client side
and Java (server side).
• Security using Token Based Authentication (Token Vending Machine) with HMAC SHA256 and AES256.

Concept Engineer - (Android- Java, Django, AWS)
• Development of a new instant messaging client for Lollipop and Material Design. Using
material theme with cards and transitions.
• Produced a high level architecture document and working software prototype for a security
based app for Android L. Main feature was the innovative UI, based on Material Design.
• Complete lifecycle development of an embedded video player app.
• Developed custom UI controls and transitions using OpenGL 2.0 & GLSL.
• Provided Google Maps and Autonavi integration.

Dolby Integrations (Android - Java and C)
• Dolby technical investigation for integration into a mobile platform.
• Integration of Dolby Digital Plus kit on Android including platform modifications: Build
configuration changes, Dolby OpenMax plugin, Stagefright libraries, app UI modifications
(Media player/Audio player) and addition of Dolby consumer app and widget.

Camera Study (Android- Java, C++/C)
• Camera technical study and recommendation. A low level gap analysis of a reference Camera
vs client's own.
• Study of AOSP Camera and additional effort to enhance the UI.

Bluetooth controller (Android- Java)
• Working with low level BT commands and tested on prototype hardware.
Reskinned. Extensive UI configuration.
• Added transition effects, gesture input, custom fragment controls.

Brand marketing app (Android- Java)
• Large SQLite database integration and Secure Content Providers.
• Network services with JSON and XML parsing.
• Location Based Services using Android APIs and Google Maps APIs.
• Social Sharing, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo APIs and more.
Twitter, Amazon S3, Software, Amazon, Development, Hardware, Google maps, Material Design, Speaker, Apps, It, Insurance, Webservice, Security, Ubuntu, 3D, Embedded, Audio, Nginx, Sqlite, Architecture, Feature, HMAC, Social, SSL, Basic, Backend, Framework, JavaFX, Online, Bluetooth, PC, Network, Canvas, Google, OpenGL, Server, Stripe, App, Web, Detail, Storage, IOS, XML, Cms, Swift, Bootstrap, Video, AWS, Docker, HTML, Android, Angular, JSON, API, React, Frontend, Backend, Java, Python, Design, Html, Marketing, AJAX, Service, Content, Analytics, Sales, Integration, Management, Mac, Rendering, Event, Kotlin, Javascript, C, Database, REST, UI, Android app, Django, Firebase, Facebook, App development

1997 - 2003   job
Author of the "Map Editor" Tiertex Design Studios LTD.
a tool that allows artists and game testers to create and maintain
game environments for the Gameboy Advance.
● Developed a sprite editing and animation tool.
● Created a highly optimised 3D engine, emulator and various 3DSMax plug-ins using
● Designed and wrote a Java based game engine and 7 J2ME games.
● Major contribution to 21 commercial products for the Gameboy Advance.
Java, Animation, 3D

My education

Salford University
BSc, Product Design and Development

Coursera degree, N/a

My resume

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