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My experience

2019 - ?   freelance
Marketing Consultant & Contractor Appsumer - Mobile App Analytics Platform (SaaS).
Powering the smartest UA teams globally, Appsumer is the complete user acquisition engine which allows scaling mobile app publishers to accelerate their performance marketing processes and their growth.

By automatically transforming fragmented media cost, attribution and predictive LTV data into perfectly unified and granular ROI insights, Appsumer allows mobile app marketers to make faster, better-informed decisions.

Global powerhouse consumer mobile app publishers including the likes of Creative Mobile, Genera Games, Huuuge, Busuu, Gett, Runtastic and many more rely on Appsumer daily for UA data management and optimisation.

My work:

It is fairly common to see expensive marketing software being totally under-utilised but thankfully the Appsumer senior management team, who are all keen and highly experienced marketing technologists, have fully embraced Hubspot as their sales CRM and marketing hub of choice.

It has been great fun pushing the boundaries in terms of what the Hubspot platform is really capable of. Particularly in terms of Account Based Marketing which is a core part of Appsumer’s customer acquisition strategy. We use pretty much all that Hubspot has to offer functionality wise in support of ABM and personalisation.

My focus has been on helping the sales team hit monthly SQL targets in support of the company’s quarterly OKRs. This has included Hubspot optimisation, demand generation campaigns, dashboards & reporting, account based prospecting, outbound sales sequences, sales operations, workflows & automation.


* implementing MQL & SQL attribution & reporting on an account (company) level
* helping identify Total Addressable Market (TAM) and then ensuring this mapped to named account and contacts in the CRM
* managing a data cleanse and enrichment project (>5k contacts)
implementing target personas in CRM
* multiple automations & workflows to ease sales admin
* documentation of processes, lead flows and best practices in a sales and marketing Wiki (built in Google Sites)
* integrated LinkedIn lead generation ad campaigns and audiences (ABM approach)
* supporting the launch of UA Insider (Appsumer’s community and contribution dedicated to user acquisition practitioners around the world)
* GTM implementation and conversion tracking with goals in Google Analytics
Hubspot, CRM strategi, Marketing Automation, Lead generering, Linkedin, Google analytics, Google tag manager, Google adwords, Hjemmesideoptimering, Marketing optimisation

2019 - 2019   freelance
Marketing Contractor WeGift - The Digital Incentives platform.
WeGift had grown rapidly as a startup with mostly word-of-mouth sales and practically no marketing function. Having secured Series A funding, WeGift was now ready to ramp up and put in place the sales and marketing infrastructure that would enable future growth.

It was a real delight working alongside Oren Greenberg (interim CMO), reporting into Aron Alexander (Founder & CEO) & Etai Rosen (CRO) as we set about building the marketing engine for WeGift.

My focus was on automation and integration with CRM, project management for the website relaunch, content strategy and helping to ensure reporting and analytics properly in place:

* Implemented Autopilot (marketing automation) and integrated into Salesforce (CRM) & website
* Setup conversion tracking and analytics (Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, GA Connector, Gravity Forms)
* Devised and implemented an ABM lead prospecting & outbound sales methodology, utilising personalised video and email sequencing
* Ran initial tests on a plethora of acquisition channels to help guide future strategy including LinkedIn, Search, Capterra & Quora
* Delivered 4 outstanding customer case studies and 2 video testimonials
* Implemented an initial content marketing strategy
* Embarked on a complete website redesign and relaunch project to make it more solution and persona focused with updated messaging, PPC landing pages, gated case study landing pages, improved forms, more customer showcases and an improved careers section.
Indholdsstrategi, Content marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM implementering, Salesforce, Hjemmesideoptimering, Projektledelse, B2B Marketing, Digital Marketing strategi, Rapportering

2017 - 2019   freelance
Marketing Contractor (Canon) - Print-on-demand technology platform.
KITE is London-based technology company with a vision to delight customers with personalised print-on-demand experiences and products all over the world and to be the global leader for print-on-demand technologies.

Kite, founded in 2014, was acquired by Canon Europe in 2017 as part of a strategy to expand its digital services portfolio. Subsequently in September 2019, Prodigi Group, the leading print API platform, acquired Kite from Canon Europe.

The combined Group employs over 100 staff, processes over 1,000,000+ printed items per month and has grown revenues x10 over the last 36 months.

It was a real privilege to work alongside Oren Greenberg (interim CMO), reporting into Charlie Carpenter (Founder & CEO) as we set about building the marketing engine for

We joined shortly after the acquisition by Canon Europe and so the requirement was to build a marketing infrastructure primed for rapid growth.

My focus was on content marketing strategy, automation setup (Autopilot) and integration with CRM (Salesforce), project management for the website relaunch, growth marketing framework and helping to ensure reporting and analytics properly in place.

I delivered the following during my time at Kite:

* Helped define personas to target in marketing campaigns and sales outreach
* Conducted SEO & competitive analysis and implemented an inbound link building program resulting in significant uplift in referral traffic
* Built out a content strategy, managing an external content agency with a c.£10k pm content budget – resulting in a 17% goal conversion rate from organic search (with organic ending up as 2nd highest source of traffic to website)
* Delivered >80 pieces of content including sub-persona focused lead magnets & video (resulting in >2.3k lead magnet form fills)
* Implemented Autopilot (marketing automation) and integrated into, Salesforce (CRM) & website
* Collaborated with the Customer Support and Success to set up a user onboarding sequence in Intercom tied to in-app actions
* Setup conversion tracking and analytics (Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Gravity Forms)
* Embarked on a complete website redesign and relaunch project to make the site more solution and persona focused with updated messaging, gated content landing pages, improved forms & contextual pop up messages. Website design and development was provided by 93Digital (whom I highly recommend)
* Project management of growth marketing experiments (mostly on paid channels including Facebook and display) where our goal was to drive installs of the Shopify plugin. >15k Shopify app installs in a 12 month period achieved.

"Jonno was a key part of the marketing team for nearly 2 years at Kite where he managed a number of marketing projects, including re-launching the website, developing and delivering the content marketing strategy, setting up marketing automation and much more. I found Jonathan to be friendly, straightforward, reliable and results-driven and I'm happy to recommend his work as a B2B marketing contractor." - Charlie Carpenter, CEO & Co-Founder,
Marketing Automation, Growth strategy, Google analytics, Digital Marketing, Indholdsstrategi, Salesforce, CRM support, CRM implementering

My education

2019 - 2020
Hubspot Academy
Multiple certifications, Hubspot CRM and Marketing Automation
• Hubspot Marketing Software Certified - Hubspot Academy (2019)
• Contextual Marketing Certified - Hubspot Academy (2019)
• Growth Driven Design Certified - Hubspot Academy (2019)
• Hubspot Sales Software Certified - Hubspot Academy (2019)
• Sales Enablement Certified - Hubspot Academy (2019)

University of Southampton
Digital Marketing Challenges & Insights, Marketing
e-Learning course (4 Weeks)

My resume

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