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Web/mobile/desktop development (with UI/UX & keeping marketing in mind). PWA, SPA, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, NodeJS, OctoberCMS, PyroCMS, MODx, Magento, Worpdress, React, Vue, etc.

Kaspar L. Palgi , London, United Kingdom


25 - 40 years

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Developer Programmer Back-end Project manager Software architect + 2 more


Mobile development Node.js Laravel Php Django + 29 more

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SaaS Pharmaceutical Finance & economy E-commerce Education + 19 more



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  Smaller project
  Larger project
  Ongoing relation / part-time
  Full time contractor


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My experience

2019 - ?   freelance
CTO, Project Manager, Developer
Building complex trainers' & coaches' marketplace with lot of publishing, social media and marketing functionality. Admin side prototype:
Technical project management, Web development, Software development, Software Architecture, Laravel, Vue.js

2004 - ?   job
Web/Mobile/Software UI/UX/Development via Agency e-Agency.
Since 2004 offering development, design and marketing services in the UK market. On-site and remotely from the World famous e-country Estonia from where Skype, TransferWise and many other success stories come from.
Web Development, Web design, Software development, Mobile applications, Project Management, Marketing, Magento 2, Laravel, Vue.js, ReactJs, Javascript, Node.js

My education

1999 - 2003
University of Tartu
B.A., IT
My main course was IT & computer programming but I did pass also IT teacher course and couple of marketing courses.

My resume

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Kaspars reviews

Experienced back-end NodeJS and/or Laravel API developer. Long-term. Part or full-time! Eastern-Europe!
6 months ago

The best word to describe Kasper is "Fast". Quick offer. Quick accept. And work completed in 1h when the best offer from other platforms was 8-10h of work. Will surely award further works to him!

Private job post
4 months ago

Perfect fit for our project. Professional from the project initiation and had incredible insights to offer.

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