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Esra Kaya , Middlesex, United Kingdom


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2018 - 2019   job
Project Manager ANTE GRUP.
Led a team of 7-20 software engineers to adapt agile methodologies, to manage several in-house and on-site software projects. Planned all milestones, handled scope and changes, identified and monitored risks, delegated tasks, evaluated performance, and performed acceptance with customer. Determined, prepared, and controlled project budget in co-operation with finance and HR team with keen focus on cost reduction.
Key Contributions:
● Established company's project management system and defined all the related processes.
● Negotiated effectively with stakeholders and maintained strong relationships.
● Deployed pragmatic approach to improve project performance and ensure successful closure.
Project Management, Project Manager, Budget, Agile, Agile methodologies, Management, Finance, Software, Processes, LED, Manager

2017 - 2018   job
Technical Lead SimBT.
Spearheaded a team of 7 software engineers for developing a GIS based WECDIS/ECDIS system for maritime vehicles. Utilised following technical acumen including J2EE Platform, Java 8, Spring, JavaFX, MongoDB.
Key Contributions:
● Replaced company's development methodology from waterfall to agile to enhance project team engagement, accelerate project progress, and present a clear development plan of the project.
● Improved skills of new formed junior developers' team on company's technical stuff/platforms. Evaluated staff competence, directed team, and reported all the risks regularly to plan robust risk response on time.
● Eliminated technical depth or performance issues by adding revision and static code analysis to the software development lifecycle and revising every single line of code written. Championed the success of newly developed software for army by passing all the performance and security tests with no errors.
Java, MongoDB, Software development, Agile, Spring, J2ee, Gis, Security, Revision, Development, Software, Maritime, JavaFX, Technical lead

2016 - 2017   job
Programme Manager COMODO.
Deployed Agile project management methodology for 2 software projects related to each other. Co-ordinated with diverse teams to track project performance and prompted synergy between the stakeholders all around the world. Managed project artefacts including scope/change management, release management, and planning activities.
Key Contributions:
● Initiated a project named Valkyrie (File Verdict System to spot malicious files) from proof of concept to expand the programme; emphasized/enhanced project importance and secured more funds and new feature requests.
● Setup release management of projects and ensured smooth flow of information regarding new features of the releases via presentations at programme meetings.
● Introduced Change Management system, wrote the process, and create the template to use.
● Mentored software team for their self-improvement and for them to be a good team member which built the team spirit and accelerated project delivery.
Change management, Project Management, Agile, Management, Agile project management, Software, Feature, Planning, Manager

My education

Bachelors, Computer Engineering

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