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Full Stack Java Developer

Shane Sturgeon , Norwich, United Kingdom


1 - 4 years

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Java Developer Full stack Developer software engineer


Design Patterns Object oriented Object oriented programming Scripting Software engineer + 8 more

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United Kingdom
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Germany (Remote only)
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My experience

2019 - ?   job
Full stack Developer Naked Wines.
- Working on splitting up a monolith application to micro servers (Spring Boot 2)
- Using the BFF architecture
- Updating Spring 3 to spring 5 projects
- Maintaining Test Driven Development
- Creating selenium acceptance tests
- Using AWS lambdas
AWS, Selenium, Spring, Test, Architecture, Developer, Development, UP

2018 - ?   job
Java Developer Archant.
- Maintaining a Website Management system that controls websites for 120 different news agencies (ie Eastern Daily Press, Norwich Evening News, North Deven Gazette ..)
- Working with Java polopoly CMS
- Using Velocity template management
- Implementing features/widgets that are used across 100's of sites
- Following Agile Development Principles
- Updating a legacy code base
- Working with Apache Solr search platform
- Implementing features to improve brand awareness and site traffic (Sharing image overlays).
- Implementing features to improve SEO
Seo, Java, Websites, Cms, Agile development, Agile, Apache, Management, Website, Developer, Development, Solr, Search

2017 - 2018   job
Graduate Software Engineer Netcall.
Maintaining/creating features for bespoke customer experience management software using Java spring
framework backend and a GWT frontend.
- Employing a Test Driven Development process implementing unit/integrations tests using JUnit, Jmock and Mockito.
Using Liquibase for tracking, managing and applying Microsoft Server SQL 2016 schema changes.
- Assisted in building REST and SOAP web services
- Developing code that holds up to SOLID principles and followed clean-code standards.
- Managed Version control with TortoiseSVN.
- Exposed to a multitude of design patterns including and not limited to Singleton, Observer and Factory.
- Developing across the entire software development stack.
- Managing Java persistence with Hibernate framework.
- Issue tracking with Jira.
- Dependency Management with Apache Maven
Management, UP, Framework, Backend, GWT, Patterns, Web, Server, SOLID, Software, Development, Hibernate, SOAP, Test, Design, Microsoft Server, Web Services, Apache, Spring, Design Patterns, REST, Customer experience, Software development, Jira, Frontend, Backend, Java, Sql

My education

2014 - 2017
University Of East Anglia
BSc, Computer Science

2012 - 2014
College Of West Anglia
BTEC, Computer Science Level 3 (Minor in Design)

My resume

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