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Senior software architect/engineer (C# / Angular / AWS), exceptional communication skills

Andy Weller , Langford, United Kingdom


25 - 40 years

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Director co-founder


Software Architecture App and web development React Native core WebAPI + 13 more

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United Kingdom

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My experience

2005 - ?   freelance
Software Developer British Telecom, Centrica, BAE Systems.
Provide board-level corporate support services for Annual General Meeting of these blue-chip companies. Designed and engineered a bespoke Question Registration system, which delivers real-time information to board members on stage, using shareholder pre-registered questions. Architecture leveraged SQL Server, Windows Service application, SignalR and KnockoutJS browser application. Direct responsibility to Chairman for delivery and operation of infrastructure & software. c#, SQL Server, KnockoutJs

2019 - 2019   freelance
Co-founder Farscape Applications Ltd.
As co-founder of this start-up company, have designed and implemented architecture and software design strategy to deliver a QuickBooks Online application called nettTracker. App integrates with QBO using OAuth2 protocols and delivers a robust web-app along with the supporting subscription management & billing platform, integrating with Stripe & GoCardless payment engines. Azure DevOps provides CI/CD to AWS hosted platform, app & management tools engineered in Angular, ASP.Net Core server components has facilitated cost-effective deployment using both Windows and Linux hosts.
Net, Founder, UP, Online, Design strategy, Net core, Web, Stripe, App, Server, Software, Software design, Architecture, Design, Windows, ASP, Management, Deployment, .net core, DevOps, Azure, AWS, ASP.NET, Angular, Linux, .Net

2011 - 2018   freelance
Software Developer Lumejet Print Technologies.
Provided long-term software architecture services to this start-up company prototyping a revolutionary large-scale silver-halide industrial printer. Provided development in C# & C++ to support complex print-engine management, low-level coms & data transfer (PC->Embedded), mechanical control, calibration methods, image-processing, PDF manipulation and queue management. Provided extensive consultancy services, managing the team developing production web-based work-flow software, with external API-endpoints for 3rd-party order fulfilment and real-time management visualisations, using AngularJS & SignalR.
Net Desktop C#, c#, C++, Angular, PDF, Image Processing, SQL Server

My education

1990 - 1993
Southampton University
Bachelors, Acoustic & Vibration Engineering

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