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2018 - ?   job
Management Consultant Delphi Services.
Delphi Services has a requirement for developing a solution for managing the HR activities for one of their clients and also for their use as well.

The application has a large set of assets that will be stored in the application like the employee files, the company accounts, work evidence, project management documents etc. there are around 25+ assets that are stored in the system. The access to these assets are managed using the Role based access management system that we have implemented in the cloud environment..
We have used G Suite to create the ID and the email access and used drive, hangout, docs, sheet and all that is provided by Google for the employees to work collaboratively. This has helped the organisation to grow and evolve into the future.
SOLID, Network, Microsoft Project, Google Cloud Platform, Infrastructure, Testing, Development, Monitoring, Management Consultant, Service, Configuration Management, Google, Podio, Load balancing, Processes, UP, Go, Zoho, Cloud, Sql, Projektledelse, Linux, Product development, AWS, DevOps, Database, Automation, Design, Google Cloud, Integration, Ledelse, PowerShell, Hadoop, Mac, Windows

2016 - 2018   job
IT Support Consultant Poomkudy Agencies.
Discuss with the Customer and get proper understanding of their requirements and design a complete solution implementing all the best available technology.
Proper documentation of the requirements after multiple interaction with the customers and end users.
Organize and coordinate the activities as documented in the approved Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt Chart.
Once the proper budget for the required solution is finalised, hardware and software application list are published, to get quotations from appropriate contractors and vendors.
After finalising the details, release purchase orders and get the items required.
Once the items are procured, proceed with the installation as detailed.
Once the installation is completed, test the items and confirm the requirements are meet as designed.
If there is any delay in any of the project implementation stages, proper Change requests are raised and approved by the appropriate Project Managers and Authorised Customers.
Raise appropriate Change Order with proper documentation and update that in the master document.
Give training to the End users and commission the completed project with proper hand over.
Coordinating with the respective teams and give them directions to get the expected solution that the clients are looking for.
Projektledelse, Ledelse, It support, IT rådgivning, Installation af IT-systemer, Windows Server og klienter, IT drift og brugersupport, Netværks- og systemadministrator, It administrator, Office 365, VMware

2015 - 2016   job
IT Security Specialist IBM Bangalore.
Worked as security specialist supporting 21 India Domestic Accounts. This includes the Telcos,
Finance and other domain specialist for which their ID management activity is supported.

● I was handling Identity and Access Management operations of 21 India Region Account.
● I was responsible in handling a team of 15 members with a Team Leader and 3 SMEs.
● I was responsible for coordinating and addressing issues that each accounts are facing with the operation on ID and Access Management and get that fixed with action that need to be
performed by my team.
● Manual process of Primary and Secondary control activities was performed by my team
● Scheduling of day to day activities of all the team members are designed and monitored by
● Maintenance of revalidation calendar for all 21 accounts and assign the task to individual
team members to be completed by the revalidation team on time.
● Implemented solution to gather the ID's existing in the Individual servers on the different
accounts to one centralised server.
● These ID's was loaded into database and checks are performed every day with the list of
employee and user ID. Once the list is captured, list will be uploaded in the system and notification will be sent to managers for confirmation and as per their action the ID's will be
kept and deleted from the server.
● Identify the Automation opportunities in accounts and providing the best solution for the Identified Automation was also my responsibility.
● Automation of Identity Access Management Task for the portfolio accounts using scripts and successfully implement the process of ID creation with proper testing.
● Perform audit regular audit on the privileged IDs that are implemented in account.
● Writing of Shell Script for the automation of ID creation for Unix and Linux.
● Writing of Powershell Script for the automation of ID creation for windows.
● Hosting of Project management calls with all the stakeholders, discussion on KPI and setting
target dates to attain the KPI and status of the current status of the KPI.
● Rating the performance of the team members, the team lead and SMEs and closely
monitoring their performance and making sure that the company's business objectives are
● Was part of the audit preparation team one of the account in IBM.

Tools: Tivoli Identity and Access Manager, IBM Security Identity and Access Manager, Openldap,
Oracle Adaptive Access Management, Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition, Universal
Database, CA SiteMinder, CA Federation Manager, SAML, Powershell etc.
Sikkerhed, ME, Direktør, Access management, Enterprise, Server, Monitoring, KPI, Testing, Hosting, It, Projektledelse, Windows, Finans, PowerShell, Ledelse, Unix, Audit, Automation, Database, Oracle, Writing, Linux

My education

2000 - 2003
Bharathiyar University India
Master, Computer Application

1996 - 2000
Calicut University
BSc, Electronics

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