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Barış Yücel , London, United Kingdom


10 - 14 years

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Agile Coach Business Analyst Devops Manager Scrum Master


Agile coach Scrum master Extreme Programming Business Analysis SCRUM coaching + 9 more

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United Kingdom

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My experience

2019 - ?   freelance
Senior Agile Coach, DevOps Consultant Agility Center.
United Kingdom

Providing the technical expertise to improve the IT and business processes by
Agile frameworks and implement DevOps solutions to the companies which
are planning or have already started for digital transformation at all industries.

I am the Director and Owner of Agile Center Ltd. I provide my Agile Coaching and DevOps Consultancy services to the companies as a Contractor.

I will be pleased to share the reference letters of my supervisors from both
Ziraat Technology and Vodafone Turkey and their contact information if
Coaching, Digital transformation, DevOps, Agile, Agile coach, Technology, It, Transformation, Coach, Planlægning, Processes

2019 - 2019   job
Agile Coach Vodafone.
Coaching the Vodafone Turkey's transformation into an Agile Organization (business and IT as a whole).
• Founder and Product Owner of the "Agile Transformation Squad" consisting
of internal and external Agile Coaches and necessary organizational roles to achieve Vodafone Turkey's transformation.
• Also a Development Team Member of that squad as the most experienced
Agile Coach
• Responsible of the development of 6 new internal Agile Coaches who were
selected and appointed within the Organization
• Agile Coach of 2 Tribes (Acquisition and Care) with more than 14 squads.
• Designer and Trainer of all Agile Trainings within the Organization.
• As a "Pure Agilist", handling all the Agile issues in the organization with the Agile Transformation Squad conducting in a suitable agile framework.
This framework is selected by the squad itself and can be changed for the circumstances or in need of gathering experience for different frameworks.
Coaching, Agile, Agile coach, Product owner, Agile transformation, It, Transformation, Development, Coach, Framework, Founder

2015 - 2018   job
DevOps Manager, Agile Coach Ziraat Technology.
Ziraat Teknoloji, employs over 1000 IT professionals, is owned by Ziraat Bank, which is the 1st bank in assets size, and on branch numbers in Turkey.

As the Manager of DevOps Team (2 Agile Coaches and 5 DevOps Engineers)
responsible for both Agile and DevOps processes of the organization. Leading the company's digital transformation by serving over 200 hundred application
developers about Agile Frameworks and DevOps application development
platform. Also giving technical trainings about agile methodology, devops
practices and business analysis, which has been 25 sessions, over 700 people in the company.
Responsibilities in Agile:
• Responsible of the Agile Frameworks for the New Core Banking
Development Projects
• Giving trainings about general agile concept and company's agile
methodology to the project teams
• Designing and implementing Agile Performance System for Agile Teams
• Facilitation of workshops for Agile Software Development in the organization
• Design and Implementation of Software Development Life Cycle for the New
Core Banking Development Projects
• Design and Intergration of agile processes to JIRA Software and administration of JIRA

Responsibilities in DevOps:
• Building enterprise scale DevOps solutions & culture
• Running the Pivotal Cloud Foundry PaaS product on Non-Prod and Production Environments which the applications are running in containers
• Designing and managing Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery
(CD) / Continuous Deployment (CD) Pipeline
• Managing all the SDLC tools (Docker, Vault, Consul, Git, Nexus, Concourse, Jenkins, Bosh, Kafka, Sonar, Ansible, Vagrant, Prometheus etc..)
• Integration of test automation tools and processes to pipeline
• Release Management on JIRA over pipeline
• Management of Non-Prod and Production environments
• ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) for central logs and monitoring
• Monitoring the Non-Prod and Production Environments On-Premise cloud
with BSM and Riverbed
Monitoring, Test, Banking, It, Workshops, Kafka, Implementation, Transformation, Development, Integration, Coach, Software, Kibana, Produktion, Enterprise, Logstash, Processes, Direktør, Jenkins, Git, Administration, Docker, Business Analysis, Jira, Digital transformation, Softwareudvikling, DevOps, Design, Agile, Automation, Cloud, Agile coach, Deployment, Elasticsearch, Ledelse

My education

2008 - 2019
Istanbul University
MBA, (M.B.A.), Business Administration and Organization
Disseration stage

2003 - 2007
Yildiz Technical University
Bachelors, Industrial Engineering

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