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Ryan Croft , Sheffield


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Construction Material Technician


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I have currently worked in the construction industry for over five years, this has made me desirable to many sites and company’s within this line of work.
In this time I have gathered a lot of experience from smaller projects to large projects of high importance. When working on large projects there is a great amount of pressure as expected- pressure that I am well prepared and equipped to deal with because of my experience. Therefore I will never shy away from a high profile job and in fact i love the challenge that comes along side it.
I communicate with clients on a daily basis, as a confident person this is something I am good at and has meant I am aware of a clients needs and the type of communicate required for the clients and also communicating/ working well with the on site staff. I am well aware of the effects on others if my job is not completed to a high standard therefore team work on site is essential.
Other than the team work aspect of the job I am often required to work independently, I complete paperwork on a daily basis and have regularly been on sites where they have felt comfortable leaving me to my own resources and trusting me to complete the job correctly using my own initiative. This has lowered their responsibility and workload which they are always thankful for.
I test to UKAS credited guidelines, including concrete testing, plate bearing, lime/cement stabilization testing and In situ density testing. I am always eager to learn new ways of working and facing new challenges, this is my main reason for becoming self employed.
Previously I have worked on projects such as the Sirius Potash Mines for a year and a half. I’ve worked on the East Midlands Gateway as well as many other large projects around the county- varying from one to the other meaning I must adapt to the site I am working on.
Along with the guidelines and knowledgeable on site tasks, there are a lot of times a site has been unpredictable as not everything can be controlled, things may go wrong, the weather may cause issues or for other reasons the project may not go as planned. It has always been important that I adapt to this and be prepared to deal with any obstacles that may occur.
I pride myself on my high mathematical skills, the fact I am constantly using my initiative, that I am reliable and adaptable, I am confident in general but also in what I do and most of all I enjoy this line of work- meeting new people, learning new skills, completing projects and the feeling of success that brings.
I am eager and excited for my future within the construction industry.
Hold a full clean UK driving license


United Kingdom



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