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Home stay and short stay property consultant

Antonia Clare Grant,FRSA , kennignton park place London, United Kingdom


5 - 9 years


Property management Renovation of properties Property development Interior design Architecture + 11 more

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I work under the name Dormus Design Collective since 2011 I have developed and excelled at creating homes that function for the short stay market with over 5000 people from all over the world 92% occupancy year in year out, I have created a process that helps many clients sell their homes, live without fear of repossession, refresh restore existing home possessions, redevelop, create storage, interior design.

In February after a lot of phone calls and research, I was the 84223 person to list on airbnb a room in a flat I had just bought with every last penny I had - the flat was bought at auction it was a horrid mess of purple pub carpets and a bathtub in the storage locker.
My masters (2010-12) was about sustainable living: how, disability as a metaphor for how we could rewrite our homes as passive income providers and places of refuge and safety in a world gone mad, (Isis rise beheadings finacial ruin boat migrants)


United Kingdom

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