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2018 - 2019   freelance
SAP ABAP Technical Consultant unknown.
Responsibilities/Objects Developed Environment: Production Support, HR

• Analyzing the requirements, providing technical solutions and technical specifications
• Fixing the production issues and reporting to the onsite counter parts
• Given knowledge transfer to team mates
• HPSM and JIRA Queue monitoring
• ALV Report for Revenue calculation
• Made changes in staff planner interface(Time management)
• Correction in CBC custom infotype 9106 related to bonus calculation
• Enhancement in sales order smartform
• Changes done for IT 9107 sty 7 for past and future factor updation from refresher report
• Analysis done on Bonus calculation of IT 9105 according to leave
• Multiple SAP Note implementations
• Done PFAL to send data to destination client for missing data of some infotype or org unit details
• Worked on multiple client environment
• SPAU and SPDD for multiple servers
• System copy activity for some systems
Jira, SAP, SoMe, Management, Sales, It, Support, Monitoring, Production, Bonus

2016 - 2018   freelance
SAP ABAP Technical Consultant Atos India.
Responsibilities/Objects Developed Environment: Implementation, SD, MM and HR

• Analysis of customer requirements and development based on requirements.
• Working closely with business users and functional team for analyzing the requirements, providing technical
• Development of objects as per coding standards, Complete documentation of deliverables
• Conducted code review for the new developed enhancements.
• Completely accountable for all the support as well as enhancement requests.
• Creation and maintenance of Dictionary Objects like Domain, Data elements and Tables.
• Complex report development from scratch
• SmartForm development for PO and quotation Quote Form
• Created user exit to change pricing rule on BT account level
• Created function module for goods receipt, storing and fetching customer and vendor numbers
• Extended BAPI with additional fields as per customer requirements
• Created new program for opening, reading and writing files
• Developed program in which the user must control whether a PO number is generated or not,
• Developed a flat file interface using BAPI VENDOR CREATE for creating and extending vendor created in legacy system on a Day to day basis.
• Changed the layout of the view and custom FM in module level.
• Migrated Master data and Transaction data from one client to other client using BAPI and IDOC.
• Created RFC, Port and Partner Profiles for customers.
• Worked in workbench tools like SQL Trace, Runtime Analysis and ABAP Query.
• Developed interface for sales order data transmission
• Developed smartform for Sales order generation
• Designed/ Modified BDC to Download PO details
• ALV Report to display list of materials for a material type, with all fields of output is editable.
• Field Enhancement to IT 0001, 0002, 0006, 0021, 0023, 0015, 0267, 1005
• Enhanced IT 2006 to default Absence calculation for specific leave type
• Custom infotype creation (9001, 9002, 9003, 9004)
• Leave validation from ESS
• Used BADI to enable multiple approver's functionality
• Enhancement related to forms and processes
• Worked on enhancement related to Invoice /Quotation
• Created BDC to upload Material master details
• Involved in FI Reports Implementation
• E-Separation Validation
• Created E-Recruitment Admin requisition form through forms and processes(Hrasr_dt)
• CPF/GPF/NPS Payroll report(Adobe forms)
• Created HR Report category for one of the payroll program for displaying payroll area and period in the selection
• Added code block to read indirect evaluation result
• Developed an ALV report for displaying the details of all employees in a personal sub-area
• Implemented BADI for vendor master(XK01)
• Developed an Interactive report to display material basic details in Initial list, Material plant details in secondary list.
• Material details report in Tree format
• Developed an Inbound Interface to update the address data of the employees
• Developed the Report for Latest Payroll Results of an Employee
Layout, Sql, Writing, SAP, Sales, It, Recruitment, Support, Adobe, Implementation, Development, Processes, Mm, Basic

2015 - 2016   freelance
SAP ABAP Technical Consultant Reliance Industries Ltd.
Responsibilities/Objects Developed Environment: Implementation, SD

• Created an ALV report for listing the materials inventory.
• Using ALV, created vendor evaluation report to know the performance of vendors.
• Participated in printing tasks like printing Pallet slips, delivery orders, inventory documents using Smartform
in WM.
• Developed Smartform to print the Pick Ticket When a Sales Order is due for Shipment.
• Developed Smartform to print the packing labels with barcodes for each material in the orders that are
SAP, Print, Sales, Implementation

2014 - 2015   freelance
SAP ABAP Technical Consultant IBM India.
Responsibilities/Objects Developed Environment: Implementation, SD and MM

• Analysis of customer requirements and development based on requirements.
• Development of various ABAP reports
• Functional specification review
• Preparation of technical specification
• Script development and unit test cases
• Developed ALV Report for Inventory management
• Implemented Plant wise PO ALV Report
• Implemented BDC to upload Vendor master details
• Updated an existing report to add newly created wage types with the existing logic
• Worked on User Exit for Purchase requisition/PO
• Modified Smartform of Goods Receipt
• Designed Module pool program to display Material master details
• Created BDC to Download sales order details
• Developed an ALV report that Identify Work Order having Public Private Work Order
• Used BAPI PO CREATE and BAPI SALESDOCUMENT CREATE to create Purchase and Sales orders in SAP.
• Developed BDC for cost center master data, enhanced to have additional fields in internal orders.
Intercompany invoicing and reconciliation reports.
• Developed BDC programs to upload Asset Acquisition and Asset transfers.
• Report to display sales orders on hold based on Billing block, delivery block etc.,
• Implemented exits not to save shipping doc if delivery not fully packed.
• Implemented user exits to validate pricing conditions to meet the client requirements.
• Outbound interface to transfer sales order history and material consumption data to legacy system for
demand forecasting, etc.,
SAP, Forecasting, Management, Test, Unit test, Sales, Implementation, Development, Shipping, Inventory management, Logic, Mm

My education

? - 2012
University of Pune
Masters, Computer Applications

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