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Mark Castle , Welwyn, United Kingdom


25 - 40 years

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CTO CEO it director c# developer startup mentor + 1 more


C# Coding Xamarin Android IOS + 57 more

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My experience

2017 - ?   freelance
Freelance developer Captive Reality Ltd.
Freelance developer for companies such as Alpine Electronics, Asda / Walmart and others designing and developing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Wearable apps applications and software and in Unity3d, Xamarin, Android/iOS, AWS, Serverless, C#, Java and more.
Unity 3D, Augmented Reality, Software, Elektronik, Serverless, Apps, Contracts, Developer, Virtual reality, Xamarin, Linkedin, C, AWS, Android, IOS, Java, Softwareudvikling, App Design, Mobiludvikling, Wearables, Product development, 3D modelling, UI / UX

2020 - 2020   freelance
Senior Developer Team Lead & Software Architect Deloitte Digital, AI and Analytics.
Lead a Unity3D development team for a high profile Government client to scope, architect, develop and deliver a 3D traffic simulation on traffic and goods flows across 140 border ports.

The solution included using Amazon Kinesis for ‘big data’ migration into AWS Redshift (data warehouse) in order to generate real-time Tableau reporting and analytics. This enabled the end client to replicate real-world scenarios and incidences to make informed decisions on UK border security, revenue streams, port efficiencies, lorry queuing, goods transfer to/from Europe etc.

I was responsible for translating the initial requirements and developing the prototype/MVP under intense pressure and minimal timescales with a small support team and following that the successful MVP delivery the team was rapidly scaled to deliver a scalable, highly performant, customer ready solution.

My responsibilities:

- Analysis of Customer Requirements
- UI / UX Design
- Solution Architecture and Data Design
- Project Plan
- Build a scalable Simulation Engine from scratch in C# along with Visualisation Engine in Unity3d and output to AWS Kinesis
- Develop and deliver MVP
- Scale the team to 23 members including Unity Developers, 3D Artwork, Data Engineers, Reporting and Analytics, DevOps
- Leverage Amazon Kubernetes to deploy and manage applications on AWS cloud at scale, whilst accessing simulation remotely using Apache Guacamole.
- Successfully Deliver Customer Ready solution on time and on budget

Technologies: C#, JSON, OO, Unity3D, Scrum, Agile, API/Microservices, AWS cloud, Amazon Kinesis, Tableau, AWS Redshift, Apache Guacamole
Solution architecture, Projektkoordinering, Team Leadership, Redshift, Tableau, Scrum, Agile development, Microservices arkitektur, API, JSON, UI / UX designer, Software arkitektur og design, Softwareudvikling, C#, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, DATA ANALYSE OG VISUALISERING, Big Data, Serverless, Amazon Web Services, Lambda, AWS, Unity, Unity 3D, .net core

2019 - 2020   freelance
Senior Unity Developer and Software Architect Deloitte Digital, AI and Analytics.
I was brought in as a Lead Unity Developer to scale up an existing Artificial Intelligence/3D simulation that had been developed on behalf of a prominent national Rail operator (public sector) client.

My responsibilities included:

- Reverse engineering and documenting the existing phase 1 legacy solution based on Unity 3D with Unity Physics.
- Analyse customer requirements for scaling the solution to phase 2.
- Make recommendations to the management team and lead partner for Phase 2 development.
- Jointly Architect a modular and extensible phase 2 scalable solution of the 3D simulation.
- Maintain the existing legacy codebase and back port phase 2 ready features whilst development of phase 2 progressed.
- Design and build scalable APIs for additional features using Serverless architecture / AWS Lambda / API Gateway
- Support the Data Engineers and Data Science Teams and in particular help improve the efficiency of ingesting the Neural Network ML input feed
- Facilitate large scale simulation runs to analyse a multitude of scenarios.

Technologies: C#, JSON, OO, Unity3D, Scrum, Agile, .net Core, GCP, Google PubSub, AWS Lambda, API/Microservices, Tableau
Google Cloud Platform, Agile development, Scrum, Tableau, Neural networks, AWS Lambda,, JSON, .net core, Google PubSub, C#, Big Data, Data Analysis, DATA ANALYSE OG VISUALISERING, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Serverless, Softwareudvikling, Unity 3D

My education

1990 - 1992
HND IT, Information Technology

1982 - 1989
Monks Walk School
O Levels, A Levels + GCSE, Computer Science, Art, Maths, English Lit, English Lang, Science, Computer Studies, Business Studies etc

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