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World class SW developer freelancer specializing in networking, test automation and CI with over 30 years of experience.

Yoram Shamir , London, United Kingdom


25 - 40 years

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Co-Founder and CEO Program and Project Manager Real Time and Unix developer


TCP/IP Virtualization Real time Routing protocols C/c++ + 10 more

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United Kingdom

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My experience

2009 - ?   freelance
Freelancer Tera Software.
Networking and automation expert.
∗ Design, implement and maintain projects based on customer requirements (partial list above).
∗ Publish many open source projects. See (
Design, Automation, Networking, Github, Open source

2008 - 2009   job
Co-Founder and CEO Ignis Software.
Ignis is a technology company building test automation tools.
∗ Build a company from zero to start of sales.
∗ Company closed, technology still availabe as open source (
Automation, Test, Sales, Technology, Open source, Ceo, Http, Founder

2005 - 2009   job
Co-Founder and CEO Aqua Software.
Aqua is a professional services company specializing in test automation solutions.
∗ Build a company from zero to annual sales of $2.5M (2008).
∗ Sold the company to Top group on mid 2009, now part of Matrix (renamed Top-Q).
Automation, Test, Sales, Ceo, Founder

My education

1991 - 1994
Tel Aviv University
BSc, Mathematics, Computer Science and Linguist

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