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Google Ads Adwords Expert | Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Tom Rozee, Ottershaw, United Kingdom


1 - 4 years

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I am a full-time Digital Marketer Google Partner and a Certified Google Ads (AdWords) & PPC Expert with 3+ years of PPC and Marketing experience

I specialise in increasing the high-quality leads and sales generated through AdWords.

I help businesses like yours grow through the power of paid advertising.

I know how to drive traffic, generate leads and do it at scale, profitably!

Everything I do is focused on hitting your goals to maximise every pound that you spend on advertising.

I’ll achieve this through strategic keyword selection, persuasive ad copy, high converting landing pages, savvy bid management, and constant A/B testing.

I manage a monthly SEM budget of over £250k for clients and agencies on local, national and global campaigns.

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• Campaign build - competitor research, ad group structure, ad copy, extensions & more.

• Optimisation - A/B testing, landing page optimisation, bid adjustments & more.

• Account expansion - search, display, RLSA, youtube, & remarketing.

• Account audit - analysing KPI’s, structure, targeting, actionable recommendations, & more.

• Landing pages - review, A/B testing, & more.

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• Generated over 6,000 leads & £1 Million In sales

• Crafted ad copy that gets a Click-Through-Rate of 10-15%

• Create sales funnels that work for lead gen businesses.

• Marketing strategy which helped scaled a business in a matter of months.

• Improved quality score and highly relevant search terms which help to boost conversions and lowering CPA

• A/B tested ads and landing pages for best Conversion-Rate and CPA metrics

• Ran successful display-remarketing campaigns to target unique audience segments

Contact me today and I'll share my ideas to help grow your business with paid search.


United Kingdom

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