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Andrew Knight , Berkhampstead, United Kingdom


15 - 24 years

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devops consultant webdeveloper web designer sql server elasticsearch + 4 more


AWS C# Cloud and hosting solutions HTML/CSS/Javascript Node + 19 more

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Designed and implemented a move from on premises infrastructure to AWS cloud based infrastructure, coordinated with office move timeline.
Always meet tight deadlines.
Experienced in all aspects of managed infrastructure in AWS & Azure , AWS Lambda/Azure Functions, Aurelia, Angular, React, VSTO addins for MS Office applications, Fabric frameworks, c#/VB/F#/javascript/typescript Web/Windows universal applications, .net, .net core backends. Sql Server, Elasticsearch, Azure Cosmos database, mysql, postgres, snowflake, datalake servers/systems design. Scalable cloud infrastructure, MessageQueue systems. Over 17 years experience in delivering client facing and server backend solutions.

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United States (Remote only)
United Kingdom

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Finance & economy Pharmaceutical Shipping Security Governmental services + 7 more




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