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systems engineering, electronics engineering, embedded, C, linux, python, project management, process management, change management, consulting, strategy

Ludwig Jaffe , butzbach, Germany


15 - 24 years

Other titles

director senior technical consultant Hardwaredesigner Program Manager Developer + 1 more


Project Management Change management Concept Development Python Project coordination + 32 more

I'm offering

systems engineering :

System development, system modeling, simulation of systems,
partitioning of distributed systems, V-Model, systems engineering

project management

Specifications, multi project management, risc management, resource
and capacity planing, project control, decision methods, Networks of
influence (Vernetztes Denken by F. Vester)
Tools: Primavera, MS-Project, Timeline, Expertchoice
Methods: Gantt, Pert, CPM, MPM, trend analysis, ...

Process management:

Re-Engineering of Business Processes
Analysis of process compliance according. to CMMI, SPICE
(ISO15504), others
Modeling in ARIS, IBO-Prometheus and GRADE, BPMN
Interviews to gather actual process
Analysis and optimization of Business Processes, Roll-Out support

Hardware Development:

EMC oriented Design,safety electronics,
High aviable Systems, hot / cold redundancy
reliabiliy, FMEA, FTA
signal integrity, EMC, hierachical design, cost centered design,
manufactureability, test and verification

Digital Electronics:

High-Speed Digital Design, Processor architectures: Intel x86, Sparc,
PowerPC,ARM, misc. Microcontrollers (8051, Z80, 6502, AVR, NXP
MRKII, PIC, MSP430, .. ) , DSPs
Programable Logic (FPGA, CPLD) of vendors xilinx, lattice, altera,
microsemi. Languages Verilog, VHDL, ABEL

Analog Electronics:

Measurement amplifiers, filters, sensors, actors,
A/D & D/A-Converters, Software-Defined-Radio, RF-Technology,
Power management, power electronics, switch mode power supply

Automatic Control:

Analog and digital Control, Fuzzy Control

Programing Languages:

C (gcc, Keil, Visual Studio), Pascal (Turbopascal, freepascal,
Lazarus), Assembler, Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk, UNIX-Shell, BASIC,
Fortran (gnu compiler)

Operating Systems:

Linux, OpenBSD, Solaris 8/9,
WINDOWS NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, WINDOWS 9x, DOS, CP/M

Datea bases:

SQL (Postgress, MySQL), DBASE

Networks/ Communication:


Software/ Methods /Tools /

ARIS, GRADE,IBO-Prometheus, UML,
Cadence Concept HDL (PE14.0) (Schematic Entry), Cadence Concept
(97A) (Schematic Entry), Cadence Allegro (Layout),
Protel, ORCAD, EAGLE, KEIL-Compiler,

Software/ Methods /Tools

MS-Office, Libreoffice, MS-Project, Primavera, Timeline,
Expertchoice, Adobe Frame-Maker, Adobe-Acrobat, Gimp, Xfig,
Eclipse, Lauterbach Trace32, GnuDebugger, GnuDebugger, DDD,
Jenkins, yocto, buildroot, eclipse, pycharm

Measurement Technology:

logic analyzer, Oscilloscopes (digital & analog), spectrum analyzer,
Receiver, EMC measurements, signal generators, IEEE488-Control,
voltage controlled analog measurements, temperature measurements,
thermal imagers, infrared imagers, visible light imagers, UV imagers,
misc. sensors.

Building of Prototypes:

SMD soldering using microscope, trouble-shooting, measurement,
metal work.



Fields of work:

Specifiation, architecture, project management, systems-engineering,
strategic planing, embedded software development, hardware
development (analog and digital), product development, quality
management, System- and Network administration


United Kingdom



Ready for

  Larger project
  Full time contractor


Typically available one month ahead

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