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Nitin Patel, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom


25 - 40 years

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CEO Operation Director Manufacturing/Engineering Director


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Graduate in manufacturing from the University of Bath and Fellow in manufacturing management from Cass Business School. Trained in world class techniques, deeply involved in strategy development and programme implementation, leading design innovation and manufacturing excellence in the UK and internationally, resulting in step increases in commercial performance
Independently profiled as a high energy, operationally strong executive who galvanises teams to deliver commercially viable yet complex programmes to meet changing customer dynamics in fast paced environments. Extensive pre and post acquisitional strategy formulation and assimilation experience, in geographically diverse markets, with a variety of industrial sectors, delivering value enhancement, IRR and ROI solutions in turn around, geographic expansion and fast paced scale-up scenarios, for businesses of different sizes, ownership and organisational structure


United Kingdom

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2002 - 2018   job
CEO Dimplex.
Growth strategy, Business strategy, Change management, Forretningsoptimering, Innovation, Product development

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