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Front-End Developer / Cloud Practitioner

Tony Clemmey , Croydon, United Kingdom


5 - 9 years

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WordPress Developer Web Developer Website Developer Front-End Developer Remote Developer + 1 more


Web development Web design Web Services Websites Website design + 42 more

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Available from 28/01/2021

My experience

2016 - 2019   freelance
Front-End Web Developer, Secnix Systems Ltd.
A group of premium consultants offering cutting edge, beautiful solutions to public and large private sector clients.
We adhere to best practices that are well documented, easily maintainable, and just work. We are partnered with
select organisations that deliver. We strive to match customer service with the resilience of our products. If you need
attractive, cloud-native solutions that grow with your business, look no further.

I am a front-end web developer accountable for the agile delivery of websites in their entirety including UI/UX, SEO,
and content. I develop modern, mobile-friendly, and responsive websites. A key trait I possess is staying current with
the latest technologies and trends in web development using the latest design patterns and techniques. I have
provided e-commerce storefront design, inventory management, and content management systems for a myriad of
clients. I have a fondness for search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. I have
delivered mail and ad campaigns, logo design, branding, and digital stationery.
Google adwords, Web hosting, Websites, Cloud and hosting solutions, AWS, Git, Digital and social campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Website design, Online marketing, Social Media, Social media ads, Web development, Google analytics, Seo, Digital Marketing, Css, Html, Mysql, Php, Html5, Wordpress, Web design

2019 - 2019   freelance
Front-End Web Developer Futura Business Growth Partners Ltd.
Futura has been responsible for creating amazing business solutions, stunning brand, and website experiences and profit-generating marketing strategies for clients in every sector you can think of.

I am the primary developer providing web design and development services to Futura and its clients. I provide these services across a variety of sectors including, but not limited to, hospitality, construction, and healthcare. On a daily basis, I transform desktop to mobile design. The development technologies I use include PHP, HTML, SASS, CSS, and JS. Using these, I bring PSD images to life, perform cross-browser and speed testing, customise WordPress blog theming, and complete comprehensive site integration. Other tasks include database dumps, staging pipelines, migrating codebases, and deploying sites across a variety of managed environments. I use SASS for compiling and Git for version control. Finally, I set up and configure marketing signup forms with MailChimp
Web design, UP, PSD, Web, Development, Testing, Developer, Blog, Website, Mobile design, Integration, Wordpress, Database, Mailchimp, Sass, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Git, Html, Design, Php, Marketing, Css

2018 - 2019   project
Red Hat - OpenShift Commons Gathering
I was hand-selected to provide UI, web design and development on behalf of Red Hat and its partners for the high-profile event that took place in London, 2018 and 2019. Many key clients, engineers, and vendors attended the events which were funded by tickets and donations from key vendors promoted and managed by the site. Upgraded the external events page template from Bootstrap v2 to v3, migrating it into the existing main site which was using BS3 library. Also, I was selected again to design a proof of concept and prototype to demonstrate a friendlier user interface and user experience on its participant’s page for displaying, ordering and searching through its 470+ list of participants. I then developed the solution collaboratively working with Red Hat developers contributing to the source code via Git.
Html5, Html, Html/css/javascript, Css, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Twitter bootstrap, Web Development, Web design, UI Design, UI / UX, User Experience, Git

My education

Digital Garage, Certificate in Digital Marketing

AWS Cloud Practitioner, Certificate of Completion (Second Edition)

My resume

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