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Digital & Social Media Marketing | Strategy & Planning | Content Marketing | Paid & Biddable | Audience Segmentation

Emmanuel Xirogiannis, London, United Kingdom


10 - 14 years

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head of marketing head of social media brand strategist strategist digital strategy


Digital Marketing Social Media Digital and social campaigns Digital Strategy Communication strategy + 8 more

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Freelance senior digital, social and comms strategist with a range of expertise across multiple industries including retail, automotive and tech to name a few. Excellent eye for detail both numerically and aesthetically and a knack for developing considered paths to conversion and multi-touch brand experiences.


United Kingdom
United States (Remote only)

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Automotive Web services Luxury Goods & Jewelry Apparel & Fashion Retail + 6 more



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Available from 03/02/2020

My experience

2016 - ?   freelance
Director Reuters, Huawei, Mulberry,
For the past three years I have been freelancing for a number of brands as a hybrid marketer, with varying degrees of leadership in strategy, creative and performance marketing depending on the business needs.

Currently contracting at Reuters as a CRM Strategist for the core Agency product, Reuters Connect.
Digitale og sociale kampagner, Facebook retargeting, Digital Strategy, Online markedsføring, Marketing, Social Media, Digital annoncering, Programmatic, Annoncering på sociale medier, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Brand strategy, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Videoproduktion, Video content, Content marketing

2015 - 2016   job
Global Head of Social Media Marks & Spencer.
Rapportering, Annoncering på sociale medier, Facebook advertising, Twitter annoncering, Instagram ads, Instagram Marketing, Snapchat, Brand identitet, Målgruppeanalyser, Qualitative research, Præsentation af indsigter/data, Business Intelligence, Programmatic, Content marketing, Online markedsføring, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing

2013 - 2014   job
Lead Strategist Digitas.
-Strategy lead for social media, CRM and influencer marketing for Pernod Ricard, BlackBerry, eBay, Johnson & Johnson
-Creative and production lead for all content
-Management of team finances as well as wider P&L profitability
-Launched tiered influencer network of mums across Europe for Johnson baby with 1000+ actively engaged influencers
-Led multi-touch content partnership for The Glenlivet and The New Craftsman to produce The Dram Chair generating £500K+ PR value
Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Videoproduktion, Kundeanalyse, Målgruppeanalyser, Stakeholder Management, Team Leadership, Digital Marketing, Seo, Social Media, Content marketing

My education

2004 - 2005
London School of Economics
Master's, Social Policy

2000 - 2004
Florida International University
Bachelor's, International Relations; Philosophy

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