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PhD level Data Scientist focusing on Predictive Modelling and Anomaly Detection

Gabrijel Persin, London, United Kingdom


10 - 14 years

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lead scientist data scientist


Data Science Web development Data engineering Data mining Artificial Intelligence + 12 more

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I am a PhD level engineer with expertise in signal processing, intelligent system design and process automation. I have strong scientific and technical skills in Data Science particularly time series analysis, trend analysis, anomaly detection, data fusion, and machine learning, as well as software engineering and web application development.

I gained most of my data science experiences working on applied research projects using big data from industrial machines during my PhD and Post-doctoral research fellowship. I developed a variety of algorithms for data extraction (ETL), cleaning, structuration, and transformation while using advanced spectral and statistical analysis to design methodologies for the extraction of useful insights from the data. I explored diagnostic and prognostic analytics and anomaly detection, and developed systems for autonomous decision making using trend analysis, machine learning, and data fusion techniques.

I also have extensive software engineering and web application development experiences that I gained while working for an IT consultancy agency. I continued to gain technical proficiency in the development of content and document management systems, application programming interfaces (APIs), software integration, data security, and more. During this time, I co-developed an AI-powered Shopping Specialist and Assistant (AISSA) chatbot solution using natural language processing and decision tree technologies to provide conversations capabilities and skills.

In recent years, I have been focusing on applying my data science expertise to business data, while developing data analytics and business intelligence tools to extract insights from sales and marketing data, CRM data, website analytics data, and similar to offer tools to empower business decision making processes. For this purpose, I have been appointed as a lead data scientist and software developer, and have managed multiple projects simultaneously while leading technical data science and web development teams.

Apart from knowledge and experiences, I have always been known to be constructive, dedicated, responsible, creative, and hard-working, therefore, I believe that by working with me, I could bring significant value to your business.


United Kingdom
Denmark (Remote only)
Norway (Remote only)
Sweden (Remote only)
Lithuania (Remote only)

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SaaS IT Science & Research Consumer Services Education + 1 more




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My experience

2019 - ?   job
Head of Data Science HexagonX.
o Supervise insights, machine-learning and engineering projects
o Drive the creation and implementation of best practices for statistical data modelling, analysis, and machine learning
o Supervise data exploration and consultation on reporting tools
o Lead data team to work efficiently within the product and the client team
o Define the overarching data strategy and vision for data pipeline, data products
o Leading and managing development and data science teams
o Design and development of ETL systems and leading data engineering tasks
Data Science, Data mining, Data engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Webudvikling, Python, Sql, Azure, AWS

2018 - ?   job
Lead Data Scientist and Developer AISSA Labs.
o Create Product Concept and Assess Technical Feasibility
o Built the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and Application Architecture
o Hire and Lead the Team of Developers, Data Scientists and Conversation Designer
o Direct Product Technical Development, QA and Testing
o Supervise Dev Ops and Data Management
o Develop Company-wide and Product IT Security Strategy

AISSA Labs builds automated live chatting-bots and expert system, specializing in the shopping assistant area. AISSA currently has 2 bots applications: Alyx and Felix.

Alyx Chatbot is a virtual assistant that chat with customers and help them select the most suitable electronic products according to their specific needs. Felix Chatbot is the automated customer service solution for the online retailers to serve their customers 24/7 cost-effectively.
Data Science, App og webudvikling, Python, Artificial Intelligence

2015 - ?   job
Python and Web Application Developer Termitnjak.
o Web development, application development, software development;
o Designed and continuously developing AI Chatbot AISSA (electronic products virtual shopping assistant);
o Design and development of content and documents management systems using Python and open source frameworks (Pyramid, Flask, Plone, etc.).

I have co-founded Termitnjak in 2009 with a purpose of creating an IT group able to provide web development, consulting and hosting services to EU and worldwide markets. We have been striving towards a specialisation in Open Source and Python based frameworks, specifically Plone, Pyramid and Kotti. I have joined Termitnjak as a CEO, project manager and developer in 2015, with the intention of improving my business and executive skills. My main activities include:

Business management and strategic planning
Project management
Software development
Web system design and development
Data Analysis, Python, App og webudvikling, Content Management, Data engineering, Websites, Web applikationer, Html5

My education

2012 - 2015
Cranfield University
Post-Doctorate, Data Processing, Autonomous System Development, Condition Monitoring
As a post-doc Research Fellow at Cranfield University (UK) I continued to research vibration analysis techniques for diagnosis of wind turbines and industrial gears and rolling element bearings. The central topic of research is vibration analysis using various spectral and statistical approaches. During the research fellow position, he has been actively involved as researcher in several EU financed projects Monitur - New Condition Monitoring Technologies for the Reduction in Maintenance Costs of Wind Turbine Renewable Electricity Generation (2012 – 2014), and IndGear - On-line early damage diagnosis, prognosis and root cause analysis for Industrial multi-stage gearboxes used in the water industry. (2015 - 2016)

2009 - 2013
University of Ljubljana
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), Mechanical Engineering, Condition Monitoring, Vibration Analysis, Oil Analysis, Damage Diagnosis
During my PhD studies I focused on condition monitoring and diagnosis of mechanical systems using vibration and oil analysis. Special attention was given to bearing and gear diagnosis. During participation in several research projects, we have designed and successfully realised an automated online system for oil analysis, as well as a diagnostic system integrating vibration and oil analysis technologies, which was also a topic of my PhD dissertation.

2002 - 2009
University of Ljubljana
Master, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Intelligent Systems, Automation Engineering
During my MSc studies I specialised in automatics and intelligent systems. I have obtained knowledge in process regulation and control, machine learning, signal and image processing, pattern recognition, and more. The topic of my Master Thesis was defining the parameters of PID regulators using the equalisation approach, where I explored a possibility of automating the manual process control by skilled operators.

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