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Experienced data consultant with strong analytical and visualisation skill

Christopher Fong , London, United Kingdom


10 - 14 years

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data science consultant data analyst project manager director + 7 more


R DATA ANALYSIS AND VISUALIZATION Data Modeling Regression testing Risk analysis + 14 more

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2018 - ?   job
Data Science Manager Alvarez and Marsal.
• Lead the data analytic project team to develop scope of work, solve client business problems and manage the team to ensure quality delivery
• Organize and present the latest data science project and tools to other SBU (non-technical consultant) for pitching new projects
• Act as mentor for new joiners to provide one-on-one support to hone their talents and skills, and help them adapt to the company culture
• Key Projects include:
 Calculated customer lifetime value by forecasting the retention rate, next purchase period & purchase value using different machine learning technique (including logistic regression, KNN & Random Forest Clustering, and OLS Regression) to identify valuable customers for an online retailer
 Built a machine learning regression model to explain and forecast the sales of different channels across different markets using Python to develop effective promotional strategy which increased revenue by 17.3% for a retail client
 Applied eclat association rule learning to identify customers’ market basket behaviour which helped a cosmetic retail company to improve their packaged sales promotion strategy with 2.3% increase in sales revenue
 Detected potential fraud account for an online retailer by various NLP techniques (tf-idf and n-gram)
 Established strategies to reduce discount rate to increase profit margin for a retail company and developed an automated report for monitoring the effectiveness of various campaigns which improved the EBITA by 62%
 Developed stable matching model to solve the resources management problem of a car manufacturer using R to save around £1 million labour cost for contractor
 Established predictive models to solve a wide range of business problems including online retail sales forecast, probability of payment in cash flow model and probability of default.
 Applied sparkly with R to improve the efficiency on handling big data
 Presented findings to clients with data visualization automatically generated by code
 Developed an interactive interface using R shiny for presenting the situational analysis’ results on different model (e.g Cash Flow Model, Customer lifetime value model, Spatial analysis model)
Machine learning, Python, Data Analysis, Data Science, R, Sql, DATA ANALYSIS AND VISUALIZATION, Data mining, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Management consultancy, SQL Databases, Big Data

My education

2010 - 2011
University of Warwick
MSc, Economic and Psychological Science

2005 - 2008
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Bsc, Economics and Finance

My resume

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Christophers reviews

Data analyst for project lasting a few weeks. Processing and analysing customer survey data. - Start soon
11 months ago

Christopher did a great job. Quick, responsive and very knowledgeable about NPS analysis. Would definitely recommend and work with again

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