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Solutions Architect at Close Brothers Premium Finance

Michael Morar , Bagshot, United Kingdom


15 - 24 years

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technical writer consultant


Technical writer Software development App and web development Machine learning Cloud and hosting solutions + 2 more

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I am a Digital Solution Architect, Consultant, and Developer specialising in Digital Banking (web and mobile) platforms.

Extensive background in Web Architecture, Distributed Systems, Cloud, Programming, Databases, Security, Networking & Load Balancing, Monitoring, Scripting, and Automation gained in large, end-to-end projects covering a diversity of technologies:

A versatile communicator when dealing with stakeholders, business users, and technology experts in their own domains. Instinctive and enthusiastic problem solver for architecture and design. A driven fanatic and fast study in Fintech, Data Science, Machine learning, and Digital banking across technology domain boundaries.


United Kingdom

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Finance & economy IT



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