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Freelance Information Technology Consultant

Daniel Watts , Morden, United Kingdom


10 - 14 years

Other titles

it consultant, it support, senior software developer, software developer, game developer, system administrator, business system analyst, network engineer


Game Development, IT consultant, Digital Marketing, Software development, Telecommunications, Concept Development, Business Optimization, Programming, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Python, Adobe CC, Virtualisation, Graphic design, App and web development, Network and System Administrator, Digital design, Data Analysis, It project management, Office 365, Network administration, Wireless network, Automation Advisor, IT business consultant, Project coordination, Digital transformation, Imaging, Security and backup, Data Storage, Windows Server and Clients, Mobile Applications, Web development, Web design, Website design, App development, Web applications, Search Engine Optimization, IT Solution Architect, Firewall, Javascript

I'm offering

Creative, ambitious problem solver with 9 years of experience in the IT sector, who thrives on creating bespoke, intelligent solutions to complex business problems.

IT Services:
- Business Intelligence - Process optimization and automation.
- IT Consultancy - Support, Project Management (1st - 3rd line)
- Software Dev - Design, Deployment and Implementation of bespoke solutions.
- Desktop Deployment, Support, Management (Windows 10, Mac, Mobile, Virtualization etc.)
- Software Deployment, Support, Management (Microsoft Office 365, MDM, Adobe Products etc.)
- Network Architecture and Security (OpSec, IP Networking, Network Design, Implementation, Optimization, Traffic Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Wi-Fi Optimization etc.)
- VOIP Solutions
- Telecomms Deployment and Support (Avaya, Cisco, BT OnePhone etc.)

Business Analytics and Consultancy:
- Efficiency Metrics and Data Analysis
- Workflow/Process Automation and Optimization
- Bespoke Solution Design and Development
- Data Science and Analytics

Brand Development and Digital Marketing:
- Digital Marketing Consultancy (SEO, Brand Recognition, Social Media Campaigns, CCR etc)
- Interactive Media Development including:
o Video Game Development
o Mobile / Desktop App Development
o Interactive Front-Of-House Displays
o Marketing Video Creation and Editing
o Interactive Web Content
o Website / Brand Development
- Outsourced Design Work (Competent with Adobe CS Suite)

Freelance Tech Support Services:
- Remote On-Demand / On-Call Tech Support
- Ticket Logging and Management
- Case Escalation and Fault Tracking
- Project Support

Experience in Private, Public and Non-Profit sectors.


United Kingdom
Denmark (Remote only)
Norway (Remote only)
Sweden (Remote only)
Lithuania (Remote only)

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Entertainment, IT, Finance & economy, Media, Music, Consumer Commerce (Shops & Trade), Public sector, Computer Software & Apps, Computer Hardware, Computer Networking and security, Computer Games, Digital marketing, Consulting services, Telecommunication, Web services, Publishing



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  Full time contractor

My experience

2011 - ?   freelance
Director / IT Consultant AUGIT Ltd.
Several private projects through my company including software development, managed IT services and hosting, web development, branding projects and logo design, network security consultancy, Wi-Fi installations, data redundancy and backup projects, office upgrades, etc.

2017 - 2018   job
IT Manager BMG.
IT Manager. Project Management. IT Support. Process Optimization. Business Intelligence. System Administrator. Primary Project Lead on O365 Migration Project, Wi-Fi Optimization Project.

2015 - 2017   job
IT Support Technician Samaritans.
1st 2nd Line IT Support. Project Lead for eLogging and Telephony Projects. Systems Analyst and Administration. Platform and Solution Development.

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