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Christopher Fouda, LONDON, United Kingdom


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Originally from a developments background, when I changed my role to a Scrum Master, instantly I knew this is what I was meant to do.

Working with multiple teams from different backgrounds and projects, from Software development teams working on both backend and frontend projects to Dev Ops and other non-engineering teams, I guided and facilitated them in the role of Scrum Master. I led different scrum ceremonies, as well as run workshops and training on team identity and valuable story writing for these teams and the organisation.

In addition to this, I worked as the key administrator of JIRA help refining the use of the tool to optimise its use for the teams. Also introducing a streamlined tool to communicate and track communication between our customer service team and our engineers.

Fundamentally, I enjoy my with Agile and Scrum as it focuses and identifies people as the true measure of success, and values them as individuals. Being able to work closely with teams to empower themselves to achieve amazing work is what makes my role worthwhile, and what I hope to continue doing for many years to come.


United Kingdom

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