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James Brown, Cheshunt, United Kingdom


15 - 24 years

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project coordination Team Leader project manager services manager business analyst


Customer Service Management Business Analysis Project Management IT operation and user support Change management + 8 more

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An Information Technology & Business Information Systems professional seeking an active role in your projects / programmes. Capable of building relationships through good communication and interpersonal skills. Communicates well at all levels, customer focused, and analytical thinker with good organisational awareness, proactive attitude, and a strong team worker.

I am an experienced independent contractor / consultant, competent and capable of comprehending the wider business vision; contribute effectively within areas of assigned tasks. I have complete portable skills, although my principal business domain knowledge covers Systems Analysis & Design, Data / Information Modelling, Workflow and process redesign, Document Management, and Business Process Re-engineering. I have practical insight of development and project management methodologies and tools an accomplished workshop facilitator.


Project Management
• Planned and co-ordinated structured developments involving multi-disciplined and geographically distributed teams.
• Assisted with the evolution of a development strategy.
• Reviewed proposed changes to preserve initial application architecture.
Business Analysis/System Design
• Guided a team of developers on requirements capture and customer management
• Undertook a design method review for a national food retailer
• Introduced and guided structured design techniques on a project.
• Advised users on efficient use of a billing query system to increase their throughput of queries by automating manual processes
• Assumed role of lead designer of a strategic sales based ordering system
• Designed a subsystem of a large order handling system single-handed
• Designed a system to track and analyses data.
• Created and designed processes
Workshop Facilitation
• Facilitated numerous workshops capturing and prioritising system requirements.
• Led a series of workshops involving customers and developers to ratify the design and made enhancements to a system
• Led a workshop attended by senior managers to determine the problems regarding the implementation of a major system enhancement.
Line Management
• Managed a team of business analysts in a structured environment developing systems within a strategic architecture
• Managed a team of analysts with responsibility for the data architecture of a major system
• Managed a team of analysts and developers designing and building objects for major developments


ACCRA, GHANA Business Analyst, 9 mths
• Designed interim systems solution to facilitate early launch of new electronic commerce product
• Documented and costed options for longer-term provisioning, billing, finance and customer services systems and made recommendations for future strategy.
Business Analyst, 12 mths extn
• Designed system using client/server architecture for use in business centres
• Assisted with upgrading the design of the user interfaces to client applications
• Assisted users in re-engineering of local process to enhance efficient use of the system through an increased throughput of queries
• Provided and system demonstrations to call centre managers at various locations nationwide.
Business Analyst,, 17 mths extn
• Developed functional specification for the strategic sales-based ordering system
• Introduced a number of structured techniques and a quality assurance procedure and coached the project team members in their use.
• Drafted and documented marketing material for services offered by the Utility Sector of iSycon clients
• Collaborated with Human Resources in developing a client services questionnaire
• Participated in Client/Server and Systems Migration special interest groups.
Business Analyst 22mths extn
• Led a team of designers to produce a core customer cross-reference services within a telecom provider.
• Led a small team with particular responsibility for the data architecture of a major system
• Liaised closely with customer representatives in analysing requirements and producing the functional specification of order handling.
• Produced object-based design of a subsystem of the order handling system using SSADM and a CASE tool, Select.
• Chaired a forum for setting programme-wide design, policies and standards.

CRAWLEY, UK IT Consultant / Business Analyst Oct-09 to Nov-13
• Worked closely with Project Managers, business unit teams, IT, Process Improvement Team and Marketing to identify and deliver change that supports council’s goals.
• Day-to-day management of client consulting projects, i.e: project structuring and executing workflow plans.
• Developed programmes that supported the Customer Group objectives.
• Prioritised projects into consistent and structured approach and with clear understanding of deliverables, roles and responsibilities.
• Initiated project-reporting capability, seeking timely approval and escalating issues with supporting recommendations to senior management.
• Set up working sessions to define processes that improved response time for claims payments by 25% - 65%.

(WB) PALESTINE Test Management Consultant Aug-08 to Sep-09
• Facilitated the definition and introduced a Type Approval regime for Telecommunication and IT products.
• Ensured best practice and produced guidelines that allowed Wataniya Telecom framework benefit from international mutual recognition.
• Established Programme Quality Office for Wataniya Telecom.
• Defined quality & business objectives, secured agreements (obtain sign-offs) and acceptance.
• Coached project managers on network infrastructure testing, IT & Billing systems, Business support, and Services development.
• Managed activities including acceptance, business readiness tests focusing on Products (UAT and End-to-End business processes), and verification of operational readiness (Organisation structure, facilities, procedures).

BASEQ, ISRAEL PMO / Business Analyst Jul-07 to Jun-08
• Being the central point of contact for all streams and stakeholders for the project programme and ensure the integrated programme remains the most up to date view of the project.
• Developed and embedded strong project governance processes, ensuring standardisation of all project documentation and effective management of project progress.
• Maintained all centrally held, PMO documentation (such as project plans and logs), ensuring these are accurate, up to date and communicated as appropriate.
• Created, maintain and report on all integrated project programmes across complex large scale internal projects
• Identified programme risks and assessing the potential impact to thier critical path.

VODAFONE, NEWBURY/THEALE Business Analyst Oct-06 to Jun-07
• Worked within Quality Assurance as key and sign-off authority on the SCM Phase A test deliverables of the Integration and Test Team.
• Performed Quality Assurance of the SCM Phase A Programme, as defined in the IS Test Strategy.
• Reviewed and updated feedback channels with programme test documents.
• Performed and reported progress via weekly progress reports and face-to-face meetings with assigned Managers.
• Managed resources deployed to assist the Quality Assurance Activities on the project.
• Approve Test completion report after test coverage and sign-offs obtained.
• Issued Quality Acceptance/Rejection Certificate(s), provided all tests successfully completed.

YOUR COMMUNICATIONS - MANCHESTER Business Analyst Jun-03 to Sept-06
• Led the Change and Data Management CRM implementation.
• Established new IT operating model for supporting requests delivery, quality assurance and relating issues.
• Developed methods & best practice appropriate for the support and maintenance of central repository.
• Ensured key dates and deadlines flagged sufficiently in advance in contribution to the overall progress of the Portfolio.
• Administered Risk reviews and created quick win plan resulting in cost reduction in service improvement.
• Provided solution strategy for new products and services necessary for Your Communication product portfolio.

TELKOM SA. LTD. PRETORIA. Process Analyst (CRM) May-01 to Feb-03
• Led the definition and development of contracts and billing systems, security strategy and CRM planning.
• Managed implementation programme including Order Management module, ClearSupport and Fault Management functionality of the CRM integration.
• Managed IT transformation programmes for 2 sections and the deployments that resulted in a revised operating model with services transfer and outsourced partners.
• Successfully managed the implementation of 3 T1 ERP deployments, including ORACLE, PeopleSoft applications.
• Managed the development of supplier relationships, including the transition to 3rd party partners.

• Structured Systems, Process Reengineering, Use Cases, Analysis and Design.
• Methodologies & Techniques - RAD, DSDM, SSADM and Agile.
• Experience of full SDLC and Project management.
• Quality Assurance and Test Management, techniques and tools.
• Requirements Management, techniques and tools.
• Designing and leading process mapping and redesign workshops.
• Business Analysis activities including requirements elicitation, formulation and drafting of various contests.
• Ensuring business needs translated into requirements to enable design and delivery of selected technology.
• Capturing functional transformation and non-functional business requirements.
• Managing requirements through their lifecycle including traceability and version control.
• Supporting & managing change, functional testing and assisting with implementation.
• Maintaining strong relationships at all levels including Stakeholder Management.
• MS Office user: Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, Visio & MS Project.


United Kingdom
United States


Telecommunication Banking Consulting services Computer Networking and security Management



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My education

1995 - 1996
City University
Master of Science, Business Systems Analysis & Design
The MSc in Business Systems Analysis and Design is about working with technology by understanding the disparate areas that make up the discipline. Analysing a business system is a process that demands constant re-evaluation. By investigating system requirements, considering how information flows through it, and exploring the pitfalls that emerge within user hierarchies

1992 - 1995
Middlesex University
Bachelors of Science, Information Technology & Business Information Systems
Combination two key subject areas, IT and Business Information Systems, and designed to provide requirements for intended careers from more than one field of study. It is aimed at those students who have strong interests in information technology but who also wish to acquire knowledge in the application of IT in business.

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