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Senior Software Developer, AI, Blockchain, Mobile, Backend, C#, Java, .NET

Vladimir Ignatov , London, United Kingdom


10 - 14 years

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Senior Software Developer, Software Engineer, Backend Developer


C#, Java, Sql, Software development, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python, Block Chain, Backend developer, Xamarin, Ai, Algorithms

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I am a senior software engineer. During my career I built AI/ML algorithms, blockchain based solutions, mobile apps and algorithmic trading strategies. I have 15 years of experience of full stack Java, C++/C# development and track record of delivered solutions.

I have education background in Physics, Maths and Economics from the first class university. I worked as a scientist for first 4 years of my career which gave me excellent problem solving skills and ability to find solutions where no one else can.

As a contractor with science background I had diverse experience in fields where my skills were in demand. In my work I built blockchain solutions for Barclays, Avaya and Planete Isolation (France). Machine Learning solutions for NeuroStreet, ChartPatternAnalytics, IPC, BlackRock. Back-end and cryptographic solutions for Post-Quantum. I have developed 5 Mobile Apps, 3 of them using Machine Learning analytics.


Financial services, Computer Software & Apps



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