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Sr Product Leader experienced in building high performing team and lean methodologies to deliver innovative new products

Maulik Sailor , London, United Kingdom


15 - 24 years

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product manager business analyst Product Director Head of Product Head of Product Development + 1 more


Digital Strategy Product Management Business development Agile project management Business Analysis + 9 more

I'm offering

I help Product Teams to be Innovative, Lean and Agile.

I work with innovation teams to help define the Value Proposition and establish Innovation Roadmap to bring new Products & Services to the market.

I help them to break the big visions to small experiments with clearly defined assumptions, validation and success KPIs. I then lead the teams to iterate through these experiments using lean principles.

I typically work with:
- Series A+ startups with product & growth challenges
- SMEs looking for digital transformation
- Enterprises looking to be innovative and lean
- Govt and other Organisations looking to adopt Product, Lean, Agile & Innovation culture

Specific Highlights
• Entrepreneurial Product Leader with experience of launching start-ups and leading new product development at global organizations including Visa, Betfair, Microsoft and Nokia.
• Strong product management experience covering entire Product Development Life Cycle, launching new products and improving existing products using Agile methods.
• Experienced in defining cross-platform product requirements to support holistic user journeys across PCs and mobiles.
• Strong analytical, leadership, organizational and team working skills having led teams in multiple countries and managed stakeholders at executive levels to deliver high profile products.
• Multi-sector experience includes FinTech, Media, Publishing, Personal payments, eCommerce, SEO, B2C portals and Mobile Apps.

#blockchain #AI #ML #ecommerce #marketplaces #mobile #fintech #proptech #media #prodmgmt #b2b #b2c #b2b2c


United Kingdom

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My education

2010 - 2011
Imperial College Business School
MBA, Management
FT MBA completed with distinction

2010 - 2011
Imperial College Business School
MBA, Management
FT MBA completed with distinction

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