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Senior Frontend Engineer

Luca Lischetti , London, United Kingdom


10 - 14 years


Javascript React Web development HTML/CSS/Javascript Html5 + 8 more

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Let me introduce myself.

I'm Luca Lischetti, a Senior Software Engineer specialised in Front End.
I have a deep passion for well-written code, for how things look (UI) and what users think about it (UX). Although I am mainly focused on what it's happening in the browser I don't mind playing a bit with javascript in a Full Stack way.

After ages working as a permanent, I want to try something different and more dynamic, that's the main reason as I decided to swap to contracting. I think it's the best way to keep the pace of this fast Tech World.


United Kingdom

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My experience

2018 - 2019   freelance
Develop website and Web services Reason.
Developed from scratch the whole Front End and some basic services for 3rd party client Coverly.

The stack included React/Redux, Jest for unit testing, Storybook for documentation and Node for the API integration.

Deployed the services to AWS and Azure using Bitbucket pipelines.

Dealt with the client and the 3rd party API provider. Iterated on the product and the designs to facilitate the development.
React, Javascript, Webudvikling

2017 - 2018   job
Senior Frontend Engineer Verve.
Worked on improving the user experience through the check-out with technologies involving React/Redux, Relay and GraphQL.

Improved the Front End unit testing environment, migrated to Jest and introduced snapshot testing.

Integrated 3rd party payment methods (Stripe).

Worked with the design team to improve the UI/UX.

2016 - 2017   job
Senior Front End Engineer Pobble Education.
Rewrote the whole Front End architecture following the Angular.js best practices. Decoupled the FE from Rails.

Introduced a Front End build system. Defined a code style guide. Introduced unit/functional test frameworks.

My education

2007 - ?
Università degli studi dell'Insubria & Universidad de Salamanca
BA, Computer Science

My resume

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