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Chris Zacharia , London, United Kingdom


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Stories. They're at the heart of everything we do.

From best-man speeches to the back of the cereal box, from myths to marketing mailers, stories give meaning to every element of our lives.

I love stories. I love reading them, I love telling them, and I love building them from scratch, sentence by sentence.

I love helping companies to discover the emotional narrative behind their business. I love developing brands until they're full-blown characters with convincing personalities. And I love crafting the communications carrying that story to the world.

I'm Chris Zacharia. I'm a copywriter with a background in advertising (McCann London, Leo Burnett, M&CSaatchi), a journalist specialising in food and travel (The Guardian, The Independent) and a creative strategist helping conglomerates (Proctor & Gamble, Atkins) and start-ups (dozens, SteelEye, Wastefuel) to develop convincing, engaging, and seductive communications campaigns.

I've named new products, written scripts for TV and radio, developed taglines for global advertising campaigns, executed content strategies, written website copy, developed brand positioning statements, published thousands of social media posts and marketing mailers, and have worked with some amazing people along the way.

I'm enthusiastic, positive, and dedicated. And I dive into every project looking to learn, grow, and help everyone working on it to succeed. Because at their heart, all stories are about the same thing: overcoming adversity. Yet how you overcome is different every time.

Let's work together. Get in touch and we can chat about your project - give me a call on +44 7938 058 671.


United Kingdom

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