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Power electronics

Arunava mitra , Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


15 - 24 years


Power Electronics Electronics Engineer PCB design Power electronics architecture and design Embedded software + 7 more

I'm offering

Power electronics converter and controller design.

AC to DC unity power factor correction rectifier, DCDC resonant converter,

Low voltage high current converter, Inverter drive train SiC and GAN.

Good working knowledge of DSP based digital control of Power electronics converter
Good experience in writing assembly and C code in DSP. Expertise in
Texas instrument 2x series DSP, Altera/Intel FPGA VHDL.
I have expertise in switched mode power supply design, Schematics layout, prototype building, assembly guidelines and EMC testing.
Brushless DC Motor, Finite Element analysis and sensor less controller for axial flux machine electric hybrid vehicle.
Low cost lighting(HBLED) solution for rural area, quick charging of LFP batteries, MPPT based solar charging station and Non intrusive load monitoring.
Variable speed distributed drives hardware design of low capacitance inverter, SMPS, Thermal & Magnetic design.
Flywheel energy storage systems. Power electronics for high power converter and control of high speed permanent magnet machine.
Low voltage and high current resonant converter with synchronous rectifier for battery charger application.


United States
United Kingdom
Euro area

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