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Finance, management and admin

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Engineering and architecture

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Web and apps

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System development and embedded

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IT network, operations and support

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IT and technical project management

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Design, animation and graphics

  • Tom Kolodotschko Award-Winning, Senior Independent Designer helping business' and agencies create beautiful visual, graphic design to boost any brand.
  • Jo Samuels Art Director/Graphic Designer specializing in Medical Communications
  • Marco Grandinetti Freelance Motion Designer
  • Janice Reed Presentation Designer
  • Lydia Lapinski Art Director, Senior Designer and Illustrator
  • ADAM AIKEN Creative specialising in motion graphics and animation
  • Aaron Starkie Designer/Art Director specialising in UI/UX and branding
  • Mark Rothwell Senior Digital Designer/UX Designer
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Text, communication, PR and editing

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Marketing, SEO and PPC

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Customer service and support

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Project management and consulting

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Management, Interim and HR

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Office and administration

  • Stephanie Garey Event Host
  • Maya Twyford Experienced event and media logistics assistant
  • Kerrie-Lyann Hirst Executive Freelance Virtual Assistant- Event Management and Administration
  • Frank Garcia Professional, Film, TV, Commercial Advertising Transport & Set Dressing
  • Sonca Smolcic Strong Event Manager with multiple skillset in events, HR, account management
  • Mandy Lawn Events expert who brings creative flair & attention to detail to events of all sizes.
  • Meera Tamar Higginson Event Management Graduate
  • Nicola Retter Freelance Production / Producer - Experiential, Festivals, Conference, Launches, Public Events, Sports
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Finance, economy and law

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CAD, 3D and mechanical engineering

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Engineering consulting

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Architecture and building construction

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Data and analysis

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Photo and video

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Social media, blogging and content

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User experience, usability and surveys

  • Ian Weir Senior UX Designer and IA
  • Rin Dam Senior Product Designer and UX/UI designer
  • Sergio Felipe A UX Designer and Consultant (MSc in HCI with Ergonomics, UCL) with a decade of experience. Strengths in User Research and Discovery, Prototyping, Design Thinking, Service Design, and experience in SaaS, B2B, Pharma & Healthcare
  • Goldmund Byrne Product UX & Service Design Consultant & Analyst
  • Prakash Ramachandran Senior Digital Project Manager
  • Eliza Preston Senior brand consultant, specialising in market research and behaviour change
  • Rohit Philip Senior Product Manager & User Experience Designer
  • Simon Middleton User experience consultant and digital strategist specialising in complex business applications and platforms
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