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IT, software and data

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Sales, Marketing and communication

  • Angelo Mazzone Audio Engineer graduate specialised in Sound Design and Audio Production for Video Games
  • Sina Hamidi Radio Engineer at Fubar Radio Limited
  • Zefan Susanto Music Producer - Music Technology Instructor - Songwriter
  • David McNeill British voiceover, content creator and scriptwriter
  • Aneira Roose-McClew Education Consultant
  • Elena Šiljić Freelance Composer/Producer/Recording Artist/Performer at Elena Šiljić
  • Mindaugas Dainauskas (Mynde Dai) Experienced professional with versatile skill set working in live events industry.
  • Tristan Wentz Web Support Technician and Business Improvement Analyst with Education in Music and Audio Production
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Web and apps

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System development and embedded

  • Vladimir Ignatov Senior Software Developer, AI, Blockchain, Mobile, Backend, C#, Java, .NET
  • Mihail Moroşan PhD in Machine Learning and Game Balance. Experienced public speaker.
  • Rohit Agrawal Project Manager / Scrum Master / Agile Coach / WPF Developer / Certified Prince2 Practitioner / Free Lancer
  • Marcus Clements Lead Software Engineer (Python) available 3 days per wk
  • Tomorr Stasa Scrum Master, QA Lead
  • Iulian Dumitru Senior Software Engineer specialised in Distributed Systems and BigData
  • Manish Ranjan Technology Manager at KPMG UK
  • Gyowanny Queiroz Software Developer
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IT network, operations and support

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IT and technical project management

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Design, animation and graphics

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Text, communication, PR and editing

  • Jonny Watson Freelance Creative Director
  • Jennifer Sheldon Multi-talented PR, copywriting and content marketing professional with 14 years' experience
  • Jenna Dunne Senior content specialist - editorial and social media
  • Kit Macdonald Editor and copywriter working on a wide range of topics. Writer specialising in travel, music and world affairs
  • Robert Woodburn Park Writer, Designer, Communications Professional and Artist
  • Michael Morar Solutions Architect at Close Brothers Premium Finance
  • Daljit Marston Experienced project manager specialising in writing to enable businesses to win new contracts and grow revenues
  • Libby Ellis Content Director
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Marketing, SEO and PPC

  • Mark Odojukan International Freelance Digital Marketing (SEO) Specialist
  • Lea Nielsen Sebastian Business Development, Marketing & Client Relations (ex-Google)
  • David Witt Delivery management & digital consulting
  • John Lay Independent Consultant and Experienced Marketing (Fin Services and Motor) Expert
  • Harry Lang Integrated marketing leader, online gaming specialist, author & MBA student
  • Damon Rutherford Freelance SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Natasha Pickup Facebook ad strategist and social media consultant
  • Michael Price Digital Marketing & Optimisation Contractor - - Available Immediately
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Sales and business development

  • Talgat Takiyev Managing Partner and Consultant with a strong expertise in business management, finance and digital transformation
  • Kim Khoo Director with significant experience in strategy and commercial due diligence
  • Jon Shotton Senior Analytics Leader
  • Georgia Kokkini Co-Founder at QO Collective
  • Suki Kainth Strategic Principal at Principals Consulting
  • Syed Mukhtar Hussain Shah Marketing professional specialise in digital, traditional MKT, strategy and BI (MA. IBA, MBA, & DMI certified)
  • Ali Z. Syed Commercial Director pedigreed in big tech firms, specialising in business and sales strategy and execution
  • Sadaf Zahid Sales Strategy and Operations
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Customer service and support

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Project management and consulting

  • Intars Olbiks Head of IT | Salesforce Specialist | IT Consultant
  • Carl Mendes Software practitioner, Senior project manager, 12 years of experience
  • Maulik Sailor Sr Product Leader experienced in building high performing team and lean methodologies to deliver innovative new products
  • Mat Larman Experienced Product/Project Manager - CPMM, Prince2
  • Judson Lawson Agile Delivery Manager
  • GAVIN ADAM CTO, Head of Product and Development
  • Nick Benton Digital Process Transformation Programme Manager
  • Dilek Demirel Isci Project and Programme Manager
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Management, Interim and HR

  • Samir Shaikh Contract Business Analyst at Code Worldwide London
  • Hugo Du Plessis Innovative and diligent IT banking platform manager
  • Nick Heather Global Capital Market, CIMA, CFO, Private Equity & SME Funding, Financial Services & Transformation Consultant, Blockchain enthusiast
  • Chantelle Elisha Creative Christian Leader on a mission to bridge the gap between Business and Ministry through Enterprise.
  • Max Lines 10+ years of operations and strategy in Uber and strategy consulting from Bain
  • Joy Jobi Corporate Services Professional
  • Philippa Tucker Experienced, PMP® qualified project manager specialising in public, not for profit and Government sector
  • Jonathan Barker People Operations expert within Tech Sector
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Office and administration

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Finance, economy and law

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CAD, 3D and mechanical engineering

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Architecture and building construction

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Data and analysis

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Photo and video

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Social media, blogging and content

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User experience, usability and surveys

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